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Euromoon Casino - Winnings unfairly confiscated due to ''irregular gaming'' with previous deposit

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Euromoon Casino
Reason Casino terms violation
Amount € 750
Posted on January 20, 2017


I try to keep this short and simple.

I registered to the casino and first made deposit of 50e and got bonus of 100e. I started playing Gonzo's Guest which you can't play with bonus money. I mostly played with bets of 5e and 10e. Then after a while i had winnings over the wagering requirement. I made couple of bets of 20e to speed up bonus requirements. I was not aware of casino's betting rules. Which say that you must not bet over 30% of the value of your current deposit. Then i made 25e deposit using neteller because that was necessary to make so i could make a withdraw using neteller. And that 25e i played with 5e bet and did not win anything. But after all i made a withdraw request of 1500e.

Next day i made two more deposits of 50e. Then i won 800e. And i used bets of 5e and 10e, not over the 30% of the value of deposit in play. To withdraw this 800e i had to cancel my first withdraw request of 1500e. Then i made new withdraw request of 2300. Then i even made couple of deposits more because i thought that everything was ok. But the deposits were 100e and i played with max. 10e bet and did not win anything.

Then after couple of days i got an e-mail that my withdraw has been cancelled and all my winnings has been confiscated because of "irregular gaming" which is mentioned in the Casino's General conditions and terms. I was left 75e on my account which was very weird because this amount does not fit to anything.

I understand that i have been unaware and broken the terms of betting in my first deposit and so on Casino has the right to confiscate the winnings of 1500. But i did not break any terms or conditions with my second and third deposit which i used to win 800e. And casino is not answering to my e-mails about this case anymore and all they say in livesupport is "general conditions and terms". But there is nothing said in the general conditions and terms that they can confiscate the furure deposit winnings because of irregular gaming of previous deposit.

And this is crazy that they tried to offer me many times this "new deposit bonus". Because this confiscating of my 800e winnings prove that if i now make a new deposit and win by the rules as i did, they can still confiscate all the winnings just by referring to my first deposit irregular gaming.

I hope you can help me! The casino has stopped answering my e-mails about this case.

Thank you in advance!

Posted on January 22, 2017

Dear Mr Kosonen,

Please be advised that your complaint was forwarded by your account manager for review. The relevant information will be gathered and you will be notified of the results. We checked with your account manager and he wrote you on the Thursday 19th and again this morning explaining the Casino's position. Since you are challenging this, the matter will now be subject to review.

Thanks for you patience and have a great weekend!

Euromoon Casino

Posted on January 23, 2017


Yes i got the answer from account manager, but the answer is still the same. You are referring to General Terms and conditions and i understand this when it comes to first deposit winnings. But with future deposit winnings there has not been violation of these terms. And there is nothing mentioned in the General terms and conditions that if you combine your withdraws casino can confiscate everything, since that there was no any possibility for me to protect my winnings from second and third deposit. I really hope that you can be fair with this matter.

Sincerely yours,
Pete Kosonen

Posted on January 24, 2017

Mr Kosonen has been sent a reply from the Internal Review Group. We hope for a swift resolution to this matter.
Best Wishes,
Euromoon Casino

Posted on January 24, 2017


The Casino has promised to give me 775e as direct refund with the message they sent me and i can now declare that this case will be resolved to my favor. But i don't see the refund yet anywhere so i think we should wait that it will be seen.

Copy of the message:

Dear Mr. Kosonen

I usually write long and detailed letters, however, in your case I will keep it short and quick.

First you deposited 50 and you won (after deducting the bonus) 1450. You withdrew 1500 (deposit+ winnings.) Unfortunately you bet too large for that deposit, so those winnings were “invalid.”

But identifying rule breaking takes some time. In the meanwhile you deposited again several times. From one of these deposits of 50 euro you won 750. You cancelled your original deposit 1500 and added it to your new balance of 800. (I am rounding off the small change. I hope you don’t mind)

Your new withdrawal consisted on the following:

50 euro original deposit

1450 invalid winnings

50 euro later deposit

750 legitimate winnings


2300 total withdrawal

Eventually, when the financial department caught up with the game-play records, they confiscated both your legitimate winnings and your invalid winnings. They seemed to have been misled by the small 25 euro deposit which you made and believed that the 750 was accrued from that. I know this because when they refunded you deposits, as they do in such cases, they replaced 75 Euro in your account. (50+25) not 100 (50+50)

I have discussed this Management and they are happy to reinstate those 750 in winnings and add to it the 25 remainder of your un-returned second deposit; total 775, payable as a direct refund. As I understand this refund is exactly what you were seeking to receive. If you agree to this, we will expedite things from our end. Of course you will inform Ask Gamblers that your complaint has been resolved to your satisfaction.

We are saddened that this happened to you. But we do wish all the luck in the world.

Karl Z Michaels

Internal Review Group

MrPetrol Finland
Posted on January 25, 2017

This case has been settled to my satisfaction.

Posted on January 25, 2017

Based on submitter's last post AskGamblers Complaints Team consider this case as Resolved and it is officially closed now.

Thank you all for your cooperation.

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