William Hill Casino refuses to release 2500CAD that it charged on my account and is not processing my withdrawal.

Vigilante Canada
posted on August 25, 2014.

I have been communicating with WH for a long time now. They refuse to release my funds to me. It is 2500CAD. They say that it was charged by Instadebit that I used to deposit. Now, My balance is approximately -1180 because WH deducted 2500CAD. It should be +1320. Also, I have my withdrawal of 1000CAD, which also on hold because of that. WH claims this is because of a returned transaction, that, indeed happened. But I have paid Instadebit all the money that I owed to them. I have all the docs proving that. All the docs were sent to WH. Now WH claims that Instadebit also charged putting all the blame on the Instadebit. However, Instadebit never mentioned to me that they charged the merchant(WH). And I don't have any problems with Instadebit.

posted on August 30, 2014.

Dear @Vigilante,
Any update considering your complaint? Thank you.

Vigilante Canada
posted on September 2, 2014.

Update. My withdrawal of 1000CAD through my card was approved and delivered successfully. So that matter is done. Now after I had a conversation with the Main Host Emma, she made a gesture and added 2500CAD to my account and I was able to play and withdraw with no problems. However, recently I followed up with that issue and it still seems to be not resolved. Even though WH have returned me the money by Emma's gesture and processed my withdrawal, the issue still seems to be unresolved. Now I am really afraid to add any money into WH, because they might restrict it again. So, still waiting for the issue to be resolved.