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Mr Green Casino - Giving me hard time with verification

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Mr Green Casino
Reason Verification issues
Posted on October 17, 2015

after being a member for a very long time i was asked to verify my account
this is what they say about the process
Verifying your account now lets us know that you… are you, speeding up withdrawals and basically giving your account the Green light! Verify your account now by providing us with a few documents such as your ID and a proof of your residential address. If you have used a credit card to deposit with Mr Green, you will also need to verify this through our secure web video stream.
as a member of a few gaming sites i know they ask for photo id-i dont have a passport or driving licence -but i did tell them i could produce a local council disabled persons bus pass (CARDIFF COUNCIL issue this it has my name and photo and is valid for bus travel throughout South Wales) and i also have a BLUE BADGE SCHEME parking badge whiich is recognised throughout the UK and also has my photo and name but they insist they only accept driving licence or passport-but they do provide a link to purchase a citizen id card
i appealed to them again-saying that i also have my birth certificate,which has been notorised by a commissioner for oaths and can also show my marraige cerificate to match up my maiden and married names-but no they wont budge
they also asked for front and back views of my debit card -which i sent -but they want photos of my out of date debit card as well!! -this had an expiry date of 04/2015 six months ago and, as required by the bank i destroyed it when i was issued my new card --i did find some photos still on my laptop of the old card-i had used them for id on other sites -so i sent them in -but i had a reply saying the numbers had been masked wrongly so the images had been deleted! as they kept saying they were just following U K Gaming Commission rules i rang the UKGM myself and explained the situation and the lady there felt that they were maybe being a bit overzealous and suggested i ring mrgreen saying i had spoken with UKGM and she felt my offered id was sufficient .so i did and spoke with a very nice guy who listened then told me he ould speak to the payments section ,then get someone to ring me. i didnt get a call just another email telling me they couldnt accept anything other than a driving licence passport or citizen id card and could i please send in correctly number-masked photos of my out of date debit card!!! oh and why not continue to play on the site and have a lovely day!! cannot believe how unhelpful they are being-wouldlove a second opinion

Posted on October 17, 2015

Dear @barjongar,

Any update regarding your complaint? Thank you.

Posted on October 17, 2015

no contact from mr green and they are still holding my winnings-do they usually respond to complaints posted on your website ?

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