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Wild Vegas Casino - 80 days later my withdrawal is still not processed

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Wild Vegas Casino
Reason Delayed payment
Amount $ 387
Posted on June 11, 2019

I submitted a withdrawal on 3/15/19. It was managers approved on 3/28/19. It was for $540 minus the bonus total was app. $387. I talked to 8 rep. all nice people but no help. I called 4 times no answer. I talked to Ronnie G tonight, he said he would expedite the transaction, the other reps. did the same. We are now past 80 days. My crew and I use to build an entire house in less then that. At 75 I enjoy playing slots but getting the money is very frustrating. Ask Gamblers has always helped me. Thanks Robert C

Posted on June 15, 2019

Hi Robert--

I've checked in on this and to be honest, I have no idea what Ronnie was talking about this, as this was already paid a while back: 5/5 Paid $374.50 + $12.50 Service Fee Wire for transaction #178429026. Further, I checked the processor detail on this and I see that this was confirmed as completed on 5/23, so you certainly would have the funds by now.

Please check your account and confirm you've received this.

Much appreciated,


Posted on June 15, 2019

Dear @fb_16­926­630­809­45468,

Please make sure to update your issue in a timely manner and let the AskGamblers Complaints Team know if you got the payment. Be in aware in case you fail to respond within the given time frame we will consider your issue as resolved and your complaint will be closed accordingly. Please keep in mind that as per the AGCCS terms providing updates in a timely manner is a must.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Posted on June 16, 2019

Hi, Concerning Wild Vegas. I was told by Ronnie G on June 11, 2019 that he would expedite my March 2019 withdrawal. Tawni emailed a few days ago and said it was sent to the processor and the end of May. The wire transfer came in yesterday June 14, 2019 to my bank. Somebody does not have their story straight. I would not start a complaint and make people work just to have something to do. Work time is precious, I know it took 85 days the get my money. Thanks for your help. Robert C

Posted on June 17, 2019

Based on submitter's last post AskGamblers Complaints Team consider this case as Resolved and it is officially closed now.

Thank you all for your cooperation.

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