Vera John Casino - Having serious verification troubles

posted on January 11, 2016.

I have explained to them several times by email to VeraandJohn that I did not have a driving license or passport I then told them I had my card and bank statement and a letter from my landlord I was told to put a message about not having the passport and driving license and sent a email with the copies of my card front and back and bank statement and a message explaining that I do not have the ID their required each time I was sent that the same reply asking for the passport and driving license I last spoke to Andre B on live chat on Saturday and I told him the same problem he said he got the front and back card but not the others but I sent it. I told him I will sent it again and can you take a note of not having the driving license and passport he said he will do this so I sent the documents what I sent several times before I asked him can I speak to a manager their was none nor was there a supervisor. And on checking my email on Sunday I got a another email from VeraAndJohn by the name of Sami A .asking for a driving license and passport yet again so I sent a email stating I have said I do not have it and I then said I will take this further in my email to them to the gaming Commissionare I did not get a response back on logging on to my account at VeraAndJohn at 5.35 this morning their blocked my account with 1.000 pounds of my money and I am deeply upset by it.

posted on January 13, 2016.

Good Afternoon,

Thank you for your message and we’re sorry to hear that you feel you haven’t received an adequate service from our Support. After looking at your case history, we can see that you made a withdrawal on the 5th January. As part of the standard Vera&John procedures, detailed in the terms and conditions, a full account verification was required before the withdrawal could be processed. We sent you the email on the 5th January and requested a valid ID, passport or driver’s license (both sides), recent proof of address and clear colour copies (both front and back side) of the debit/credit cards used.

We received your reply on the 8th January, together with one photo (back of a credit card) and you are correct in stating that you did indeed advise us that you did not have a valid driver’s licence or passport. We responded by requesting the additional documents (not the passport or driver’s license) which were missing so that we could verify your account.

You then submitted a pdf file for your utility bill, a format which unfortunately we can’t accept and do state that we cannot accept these files. We instead requested that you send it to us in a jpeg format. You then submitted three documents for proof of address, which were verified. Unfortunately after this point, the further requests for the missing documents were not sent to us.

On the 11th January a final reminder was sent to you, clearly explaining which documents (ID and credit card details) were missing. We understand that you do not have a driver’s license and a passport, however we require these in order to verify your account, as per our Terms and Conditions. One of our agents also advised of where you can obtain a valid form of ID for £15 in less than 48 hours and unfortunately you replied threatening to report us.

Unfortunately after this, we felt that you were unwilling to comply with our terms and conditions which you accepted upon registration. Due to the lack of cooperation from your side, we closed down your account.

We always remind our players that if they cannot comply with the terms and conditions, (i.e. not be able to supply us with the correct materials for verification) then players should not register with Vera&John. If we had received the requested documents (which are industry standard), they would have been verified and if they were acceptable, your withdrawal would have be processed immediately. If you are able to provide us with the documentation that we need, then we can proceed with the verification process.

Kind Regards,

posted on January 13, 2016.

I sent my card front and back with my bank statement on the 8th January 2016three times I sent it and the message about not having the ID this is the message I sent DID YOU NOT READ WERE THE DOCUMEENTS I SENT THIS IS THE MESSAGE ABOVE READ IT
I am sending detail of my bank statement and a letter with my address from my landlord and my debit card that I am using the bank statement is from my old card as that card is not is use not more I . I am sending a prescription with my date if birth on it . I do not have a passport nor do I have a driving license as I do not own a car . I urgently need my withdrawl in my bank Susie Mitchell each time I was sent a email saying that is was not sent right nor their never got it which is untrue because I sent it and have a copies of it, I then was asked again to sent it I did I sent if four times on the 9th January 2016 I got a reply from Nina Hi Susie

Unfortunately you have to attached the files to your email we do not accept other kind of documents sent this way best regard Nina
Vera & John I sent a email on January 10th explaining I that I did not have the ID you required again and in that email say I will take action against this site. On trying to log on You blocked my account with out me knowing I was not told it would be blocked I then left a message on live chat and put why was my accounted locked Luke sent me a letter on January 11th giving me instructions how to report a complaint !! then he sent me another email the same day asking for a different type of ID My documents were sent confirming who I am this was the Only ID I had it was told so many times yet you were asking for a compete different type of ID. When I joined I was not given any information on Vertification what I don't understand is that you can gladly take my money when depositing with valid correct card details yet you are withholding my money with sheer greed and fobbing me off with more ID you never asked before. !!!

posted on January 14, 2016.

Good Morning,

Thank you for your reply and we are sorry that it appears we are not being clear enough in our response. When you registered with Vera&John you agreed to our terms and conditions. For clarification, kindly visit this link: https:­//w­ww.v­er­ajo­hn.c­o.u­k/­abo­ut/­ter­ms-­and­-co­ndi­tions , particularly term 2.5 which clearly states failure to produce any of such documents may result in the User’s disqualification from registering with Dumarca. We have been extremely clear about this on several occasions.

It is extremely unfortunate that you are not in possession of a valid driver's license or passport, however as per my previous response, our agent Luke offered you advise on how to obtain this quickly and inexpensively. You have decided not to take our agent's advice. Please do not send us any other documents which you feel may substitute this, we cannot make any exceptions.

We will not be reviewing this case any further, certainly not in a forum environment. If you wish to continue with your verification process, we kindly ask you once again to supply us with the documents that we have requested, which despite what you say, have not been supplied to us at all, or else not in the correct format. Our instructions have been very clear on all occasions.

Should you wish to take this complaint up formally, I urge you to do so. If not, Luke is ready to take your call / chat / email.

Thank you.

posted on January 14, 2016.

How can I contact Luke on live chat when you have closed my account Ian unable to telephone as I am disabled also this is incorrect Luke sent me a email asking different type of ID not a driving license or passport so this is untrue and fabricated you are just basically telling one story to another you should not treat your customer like this this wrong we and I are playing to keep your site afloat and you treat us like this you were given what I had this is the only ID I had as mention I took my complaint to ask gamblers because I was getting told to many times asking for the same thing I have that right to do this as I gave my what ID I had with correct details Andre who was dealing with me at one time and as far as I know he put it on note that I did not have the driving license or passport you should of seen this I do not have the money to buy another ID citizens because you are withholding that money I am urgent need of . You are refusing to deal on this on a forum correction it is site that helps people like me to make a complaint for casino like yours. All I want is my money

posted on January 14, 2016.

At 13,35 I thought I try and see if I can get into live chat at Vera and john I asked for Luke for look he was not around according to Hans, but he did say that he will get Luke to email me to come on live chat to hopefully sort this out this is the only way for me and doing this back and foreward emails to Vera And john is getting me tiring

posted on January 15, 2016.

Good Afternoon,

As we have just discussed on chat, we look forward to receiving the necessary documents this evening.


posted on January 18, 2016.

I have been in touch with Luke on Friday 15 January and I spoke to him on live chat he wanted my front card and photo ID the cost for this is a total 35 pounds . I told Luke That I was broke to even get a photo ID I sent the front of my card to support. I got a letter this morning and money Jobseekers allowance that I get has been stopped and I have to get this sorted out I have not money at all even my son is broke having lost his job, the next time I get any money will be 12 February this will be my disability allowance by then Vera and John will have my money for nearly seven weeks I am desperate for this money Vera and John have why can their take my card as ID why did their not understand to this in the very beginning.Their no one I know to lent me money most are broke from the festive Christmas session I am begging Vera and John to make an exception take my card as ID and I have my bank statement and letter from my landlord take the photo I have from Facebook as I I urgently need this money now.

posted on January 19, 2016.

Good Afternoon,

One of our Support Agents tried to call you several times today, but your registered phone number is not valid. He wrote you an email requesting that you please come on to the live chat system. Please ask for Pablo, he will assist you.


posted on January 19, 2016.

My home Number is correct and I have told several chats Hosts and told Luke that I have a hearing defect and did not hear the phone ring

posted on January 19, 2016.

The are now asking for a birth certificate as proof I cannot believe this and a different agent dealing with me not Luke as before. On reading my email from Pablo and I have replied to him this is my message to him at 18.23npm. You are now asking for a birth certificate which I do not have as my leather folder I lost had my birth certificate in it . I do not have any money to buy a new one and it would take around three weeks to four for it be done and sent back to me.

Susie Mitchell

I am now awaiting for his reply . I urgenlty need my money NOW

posted on January 20, 2016.

Hello Susie,

Unfortunately, we we've previously explained, we can only continue with your request if you can send us any form of evidence like a Driver's License, or Passport or any other identification. Birth certificates are not normally accepted but we tried to make an exception for you and unfortunately you still couldn't accommodate.

We understand and appreciate your situation but you were not able to provide us with anything which is eligible to approve.

We'd like to try and assist you once last time by offering to send you £35.00 to get a new passport / driver's license. Once you send us the needed copies, we can continue to verify your Vera&John account.

If you won't be accepting our offer, then the next step would be for you to complain to our Ecogra ADR, where ADR will evaluate and conclude on the complaint.

Thanks for understanding.

Best regards

posted on January 20, 2016.

Did you not read my that I lost my birth certificate why are you saying that unfortunately you still couldn't accommodate I explain why I could not produce it you are just going by pass this and now You are offering me 35 pounds to get a ID card back to square one on this saga. ID CARDS are not longer available to get as their are abolished so I cannot get one.

posted on January 21, 2016.

After a careful review of the case, we reached the conclusion that casino has done all in its power to assist the player regarding the issue in question.

It is player's responsibility to fully read and understand casino's T&C before creating the account. Once accepted T&C must be honored. Based on the casino's T&C https:­//w­ww.v­er­ajo­hn.c­o.u­k/­abo­ut/­ter­ms-­and­-co­ndi­tions section 2.5

Dumarca shall also have the right to request User to provide additional proof of identity by means of documents such as, but not limited to, National Identity Card, Passport or Driving Licence.

casino acted upon its rules.

Nevertheless, the casino showed understanding for the player's problems and suggested, as an act of good will, to send her additional 35GBP for new documents. We hope that player will accept casino's offer and find a way to get needed documents in order to finish the verification of the account.

Based on the given facts we consider this case as resolved and officially closed.

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