Betchan Casino - Verified my account then delayed payment

posted on August 3, 2016.


I just made my 4th deposit and did not receive part of bonuses as advertised on my 2nd 3rd deposits, and the entire 4th deposit till a day after I lose my cash fund which should have been instant.

I used the 4th deposit bonus and cleared it with 500 to withdraw.

Payment did not come within 2 hours as advertised.

I later found out that they wanted to verify account.

I immediately uploaded all docs requested and they have verified them all.

After not seeing my cashout for a while I went to live support to see if anything else necessary. I was told that my account has been fully verified with docs I submitted. However, they told me I have a duplicate account and asked me to wait a few hours till their manager responds.

When asked to let me know how I have a duplicate account and which one is it they did not respond. I do not know what they are talking about and decided to wait for either manager to contact within the day or receive my money.

That was yesterday and nobody had contacted me by email.

I did not even receive an email on this issue or an email stating any info in regards to payment being held.

This casino has a record of lying to me already on my request for parts of my 2nd and 3rd deposit. I had to argue for hours to have them accept that they were wrong and lied.

I believe this had something I do with me trying to get what was promised on their own promotion.


please help me get my winning from this casino that is unwilling to pay a returning player whom deposited 4 times with them.

Nothing was told from sign up to account verification completed along with 4 cash deposits. They took my money and only when I win they come up with an excuse not to pay.

How could you fully verify an account and later say I have a duplicate account? Please let me know which other account with my name and address that you have verified prior to this account. If not then I do not have a duplicate account.

I am curious to see who has my identity and how you verified that account.

please pay my winninga.

posted on August 4, 2016.


Unfortunately, you are not eligible for any winnings.

You have created more than 4 accounts in our system which and used bonuses from all these accounts.

According to our terms and conditions - customer can have only one account, and can get bonuses only from one account.

All your accounts closed and winnings confiscated.

Proofs of duplicate accounts was sent to ASKG team for review.

Best regards

Betchan team

posted on August 4, 2016.

First of all I have only this account with betchan show me the others please.

Also how you justify approving my account and denying payment? See attached what is your purpose approving an account that you do not want to pay?

posted on August 4, 2016.


Your documents are OKAY, and was approved due to this reason. But when it comes for your withdrawal - it was checked by our management. During this check we have discovered multiaccounts which is restricted.

Our decision is final, and we will discuss this case with AG if their teams think that they need something else from us.

Best regards

Betchan team

posted on August 5, 2016.

I have not received response from askgamblers in regards to your evidence sent. please show me my duplicate accounts.

posted on August 6, 2016.

AskGamblers Complaints Team have been provided by valid evidence on behalf management of Betchan Casino where it is clearly displayed that player had opened more than one account. Player by these actions violated general term #1.9 and bonus terms: # 1a and 9b

1.9. Each player can create only one user account. Creating multiple user accounts by a player can lead to termination of all the accounts. The player should not provide access to his user account or allow using the website by any third party including, but not limited to, minors. The website can only be used for personal purposes and shall not be used for gaining any type of commercial profit.
1a. All bonuses can only be received once per person, per household/IP, unless otherwise stated.
9b. Only one bonus can be claimed per household / ip / computer. You can lose your bonuses/winnings if you fail to comply with this rule.

Based on the above, AskGamblers Complaints Team consider this case as Resolved and it is now officially closed. Upon AskGamblers Complaint Terms, we can't present evidence publicly or to the third party: "The information exchanged during the complaint process between player and AskGamblers, and casino representatives and AskGamblers is strictly confidential and is not disclosed to third parties." In a case of a disagreement with our decision we remind the player that further assistance on this matter could be requested from the relevant licensing authority responsible for Betchan Casino.