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WinTingo Casino - Verification & payment delay

Complaint Info
Disputed casino WinTingo Casino
Reason Verification issues
Amount $ 2000
Posted on May 3, 2017

Hi I had a win at winging of Tuesday just gone now it's Saturday which isn't a great length of time however to be sure I had zero problems on Tuesday I made a phone call to customer service as getting communication on live chat is useless.
Spoke to rep on phone was told to supply usual in my case photo I'd recent utility bill and credit card I explained at the time I have the most recent card I deposited with but a previous one I'm unsure of whereabouts I was told that's fine as long as I have the most recent one.
Now since then I have been in contact everyday as they have asked for something else everyday originally it was a more clear photo of my license as its faded a bit not such a problem then yesterday I look and my withdrawal had been reversed no contact from them so I call again and was told I was missing a document they asked for in which they hadn't. It was my older credit card searched the house hi and low found it sent pictures off. The rep I spoke to said it was all that was needed to finalise verification so I was happy. Few hours later I get an email saying I've not supplied them funny but about that was at bottom of that email was the stuff I had written on the email with pic attached. So fast forward to this evening I get an email saying they now need a selfie with my photo I'd which I found odd but sent it anyway then made another phone call spoke to rep told him it seems to be a delay in payment tactic as there's no where in their guidelines that states this is necessary. His reply is that it's required by the gambling commission. I told him that is false and have never had this sort of hassle with any other casino. He also said once I've sent the doc that they request that will be it and I'll be verified to which I replied that I'm having trouble believing this as I've been replying to requests all week and they just keep asking more did get a little cheeky and said I'm worried I'll get to Monday and they'll ask for a picture of my dog lol. He also suggested that I've never had this hassle with any other casino before because they don't take their security seriously. At the end after getting no where I said thank you for nothing it's time I came here to make a complaint so here I am. Nothing they have asked for is out of this world but really appears they are stalling perhaps it's because they think if they stall verification and get to the weekend I'll put my winnings back through the casino not going to happen if they don't get their act together it's not likely they will get another deposit out of me ever

Posted on May 3, 2017

Dear @tomnbec2016,

Please make sure to update your complaint accordingly and clarify the total amount of the disputed withdrawal request/s. Thanks for cooperating the AskGamblers Complaints Team.

Posted on May 3, 2017

Hi withdrawal amount was $2000 aud. I think I'm getting somewhere with them yesterday my withdrawal said approved then it changed to $1000 approved and they reversed $1000 back into my account and sent me an email saying it was to make sure I got the first sum and when I did then I can chose to withdraw the 2nd $1000. So I got on the phone after trying chat support useless. First phone call I was hung up on after the gentleman gave me 2 different conflicting stories and when I was pulling him up on them he simply says hope you can resolve the problem yourself goodbye. So I call straight back get a different rep explained all the dramas and she told me there's no reason my payment should be split I'm verified now so I request she contacts payment and ask to waive the normal pending period on my 2nd $1000 and get it processed. I also replied to the email I got telling them it's not good enough and told them as well as telephone support j believe this run around is just a ploy to have funds sitting where a player can reverse them and run back through. So where it sits right now the first $1000 has dissapeared of my withdrawal page And has been like that all day I'm assuming it's in its final stage of being sent as it doesn't show in my winging I accoutnt transactions and this afternoon the 2nd $1000 has approved on it so fingers crossed

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