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Bet365 Casino - Verification Issues

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Bet365 Casino
Reason Verification issues
Amount $ 35
Posted on April 6, 2016

The evidence is damming please find attached the evidence of my mistreatment by casino bet365

The facts!

Just to explain my situation. I am an australian who has just recently been transfered to the UK by the company i work for in Australia for 6 months.

1) On 24/03/2016 and 25/03/2016 i received emails stating that my account had been fully verified and there was nothing more that was needed in that regard. Please find a screen shot of the two emails as proof.

2) On 24/03/2016 i received an email from skrill advising me that funds were received in my moneybookers (Skrill Account) for 500 USD from bet365. So you processed my withdrawal to my skrill account. Please find this skrill email attached.

3) since the two emails on the 25th and 24th of April 2016 stating that my account was apparently fully verified and there is no further documents needed regarding verification with bet365 i have made ten deposits totalling $361.50 USD. The final transaction was a deposit of $35.00 USD on 1st April 2016 which is still sitting in my account right now. The reason for this is because when i went to log in the next day on the 2nd of April 2016 to play with those funds my login kept failing. I went straight to chat to see what was going on with my account and they told me that my account had restrictions on it and the opetator told me i would have received an email regarding this matter to which i never received the email. The chat operator continued to inform me that all of a sudden after the the two emails stating that my bet365 account had been fully verified and after bet365 had paid and processed a withdrawal of $500 USD plus ten further deposits via skrill totalling $361.50 including the $35.00 USD still sitting in my account that my account now was suspended pending a verification document that was all of a sudden needed. Bet365 required me to send in in a photo of another photographic ID other then the passport i had already sent in (to which i dont have and have never needed another) this time with me in the photo holding it up to prove that i am in fact the person who is sending in these docs. So i sent in a photo my passport with me in the photo holding it but that isnt good enough and im still unable to play my funds nor login to my account after emails informing bet365 that i dont have a second photographic ID.

Now support is ignoring me and chat say they are not allowed to discuss this matter any further. So my $35.00 USD remains in my account im in UK and i cant get another photographic ID to satisfy Bet365s unreasonable demands until i go back to Australia. They are trully disgusting and unreasonable.

When i asked them to just withdraw my $35 that is sitting in my account and close it down they told me that i can only withdraw the funds once a photo of a second form of photographic ID is sent to them with me in the photo holding the ID next to my face. When prompted regarding bet365 having processed a withdrawal just after my account had been fully verified although if im not verified now without this second form of ID then i mustnt have been verified when they processed my withdrawal. Then they stated that i had passed the necessary checks in regarding withdrawal. All of a sudden im not verified and i cannot make a withdrawal or access my funds yet nothing has changed on my part since the the two emails sent to me stating was fully verified and immediately following these emails had a withdrawal processed by bet365.

Posted on April 6, 2016

Dear @joshabor77,

Please keep in mind that all your attachments containing sensitive personal information were removed by the AskGamblers Complaints Team. Make sure to mask or hide such information accordingly when uploading attachments, because AskGamblers Casino Complaints Process is public.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Posted on April 9, 2016

Dear @joshabor77,

Any update regarding your complaint? Thank you.

Posted on April 10, 2016

No response even to the emails i sent through 8 days ago and chat cant discuss it any further with me

Posted on April 13, 2016

Dear @joshaborr77,

Bet365 Casino have a strict policy which doesn't allow public replies, but they contact AskGamblers Complaints Team and recommend to contact their customer support again. Thank you.

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