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24Bettle Casino - Troubles with verification and payment of winnings

Complaint Info
Disputed casino 24Bettle Casino
Reason Verification issues
Inactive user
Posted on September 16, 2017

Hello. On 28.08.17 I ordered a win at a casino in the amount of 1000 euros. This is my first win at this casino. The casino has sent me to send documents confirming my identity, withdrawal from the bank account and the bill for the media.Documents I sent. After 48 hours the casino has frozen my account saying that I have a second account. The second account was set up by my brother, who never logged in there, did not make any payment and never used the bonus from this casino. I have modeled this casino. My brother does not even open any e-mails with offers from this casino. The only person in my house who used the deals and put in money - I am. Every day I send emails trying to find out what my money is? The casino answered me that this is a normal procedure and writes that I do not have what the seafarers. All procedure is 3 weeks and I still do not know anything. After all, I am a real and active player of this casino. The casino has the ability to check my brother's account, from which he can see that he has never been logged in, he did not play on any slot machine, he did not make a payment.Bardzo please help explain my case. I believe in 24bettle I sent my personal papers ... counts on the positive explanation of my case.

Posted on September 19, 2017

Dear Ela,

our responsible department is looking into your account and verifying your statements posted. We will revert very soon here and any necessary proofs will accordingly be provided to Askgamblers complaints team.

Thank you for your patience.


24Bettle team

Inactive user
Posted on September 20, 2017

I understand that you have to check everything ... but for a moment it will be a month and still nothing ... Your rules say that the verification of the payment is 48 hours ... I wait almost a month .. and I ask how long still? You have everything you asked for. Make sure you settle my case as quickly as possible and pay me my money.

Posted on September 23, 2017

AskGamblers Complaints Team have just extended the response time frame with another 96 hours hoping that 24Bettle Casino management will soon jump in with an update on this complaint.

Posted on September 25, 2017

Dear Ela,

our players management has completed the investigation upon your account and the account we found connected to your account by the same IPs usage and unfortunately, our findings are completely different than you have stated in your complaints post. Please read below:

"The second account was set up by my brother, who never logged in there, did not make any payment and never used the bonus from this casino. I have modeled this casino. My brother does not even open any e-mails with offers from this casino."

We found this not to be correct, as your brother did log in various times in his account and he did play with the no deposit bonuses offered on various occasions.

Do note that you as a player have breached the Terms and Conditions you have agreed upon with on the moment you registered in our casino. It is clearly stated:

"47. Each Player is allowed to open only one Account per person, family, household, IP address and email address. Use of more than one Account per physical Player is known as “multi-accounting” and as such is strictly forbidden.

48. In the event that We suspect that a Player is opening multiple accounts by using the same or similar names, address, telephones, email addresses, same or similar dynamic IP addresses, computer or other devices, with the intent of defrauding or cheating, We reserve the right to close an Account or Accounts at any time and to cancel all the transactions, bets, waive winnings and deduct bonuses from all relevant Accounts."

We have also sent a KYC request to the connected account on September 3rd 2017, by the very moment we haven't gotten any response on this one.

Based on all that has been stated upper and knowing that there was an obvious and intentional breach of multi-accounting from your end, we have decided that the final decision upon your account will remain the closure for the breach of terms.

All our statements have as well been supported with the relevant proofs from both accounts to Askgamblers complaints team, and we shall await for them to decide upon this complaint.

Best regards,

24Bettle team

Inactive user
Posted on September 25, 2017

What do you write about this obvious lies .. I need evidence, namely the address of my brother's Ip address. My brother's account address is the user's name, address, and my brother's pay stubs, and lottery information, and the names of the games he played. to the AskGamblers obviously do not want to pay people money ... i want evidence.

Posted on September 25, 2017

AskGamblers Complaints Team have been provided with clear and undisputed evidence on behalf 24Bettle Casino management that player violated their Terms&Conditions stated above.

AskGamblers Complaints Team maintains zero tolerance towards player trying to abuse our complaints service and not using it in a good faith.

Based on the above AskGamblers Complaints Team decided to reject the case and close it officially. No further communication with the player shall be maintained on behalf our team.

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