Vegas Palms Casino - Money Deducted From My Account

posted on December 12, 2014.

Hi everyone ! So, here's my issues with Vegas Palms Casino...

Every weeks I log into the casino and never had a problem, actually it was one of my favorite Online Casino... untill today ! i was playing on the casino when I receive a email from them saying that they took money out of my account for an error in receiving the money, If I had questions I just had to contact the casino desk. So I checked on my credit card and the money was taken, as usual with no problems. I went on the Chat and they told me they tried to contact me for months and sent me a thousand mails with no answer and that months ago I did a deposit that didn't pass. First she said it was on August with Visa, InstaDebit or E-Check, the thing is that I never used not of them. Always mastercard or Ukash. So I told her it was impossible and that it must be a problem somewhere ! Like I said, I log into the casino every weeks, never changed my phone number or email and they tried to reach me for months ??!! I never got a call or an email concerning this till today. She said she's gonna send me the reports and stuff but again, nothing. So I went on the Fortune Lounge support center trying to understand what it's all about and the guy said it was in January (not August) from another banking method that I don't use either ! Seriously ? I asked him many times for proofs, reports or anything concerning this and nothing !!! They obviously had the wrong infos or something... I checked my account history and my banking methods and still can't find anything about this ! They're not able to explain to me what happen but still don't wanna give me back my money ! Now, I just don't know what to do... If someone Can help me with that...

Thank's !

p.s. I have evidences and proofs that I Can send if anything.

posted on December 17, 2014.

Dear @julieaudrey,
Any update considering your complaint? Thank you.

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