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ComeOn Casino - No one there is able to solve my troubles with playing NetEnt slots!

posted on February 4, 2015.

Joined ComeOn about 6 months ago from today.

[ O ] Have asked 5+ supports/reps and e-mails and still im unable to load any of the NetENT Slots..
The game will not display a loading-bar, it just displays a pop-up window saying "Cannot play in REAL-PLAY at the moment, please try again later "...
It then changes to FREE-PLAY mode and allows me to play free-play...
Really is upsetting im unable to play most new Slot-Games released by NetENT.

[ O ] Unable to use points towards bonus-spins as the selection choosing from the slots are by NetENT.
**Most frustrating thing of having this issue is when a daily promotions is offered towards free-spins, the more you deposit the more spins you receive..
I depostied $60+ yesterday and a promotion was on, which if depositing $60 you would gain 50 spins on Twin-Spin, i never got them as its a NetENT game...
Explained my issue about it all to ComeOn and kindly asked to oblige the spins towards a game thats not by NetENT ect..
-They told me they are unable to help me or compensate me by another way which really dissapointing not to mention missing out on many free-spins in the past,,
When i was told that they wouldnt give me something for the issue's im getting for whatever reason why, but would differently say its from their end.
So after knowing 50 spins out the window like the rest of the promotions i miss out again, so im not longer placing a deposit till this issue is fixed and im compensated as i find it kinda unfair...
*The match bonuses that are offered do work for me though.

[ O ] Recently invited 2-friends to ComeOn and 1 of them has deposited $40 and doesnt show any kind of knowledge that they have been invited by me when they have by e-mail / facebook & the address-link.

[ X ] Have tried different browsers, explorer, chrome. firefox, opera, cleared cookies/cache many times.
As well attempted other Laptop­s/C­omp­ute­r+M­obile and still same problems.
ComeOn is my #1 casino as i get withdraws with in 24-hours or under (even with my first withdraw of $1200 hit my bank account in 22 hours)...

I give up, i might just stick with VideoSlots or CasinoRoom i dont know but this bites...
Dont think ive forgotten anything or left out any details..

Thanks, have a good day.. Keep in touch, -Allan

posted on February 6, 2015.

Here is a picture trying with my iphone...
And on desktop a simple window message appears mentioning unable to play Real Play...
But the mobile has more information on seeing the issue ect...

posted on February 9, 2015.

Have lost a lot of faith and have missed out on probably 300 free spins by now and as well a $50 for referring a friend which they brushed me off on.

Was my #1 casino as withdraws was within under 24 hours but not anymore...
Moved on towards VideoSlots

posted on February 10, 2015.

Dear Allan,

I appreciate your persistence in this case. It is clear that it took us too long and too many contacts to get to the bottom of the problem. It is an unusual, account specific, issue which at our end wasn't escalated properly at first and to which we haven't been able to find a fix yet. I've been discussing the matter internally to gain a better understanding of it and we concluded that the best way forward would be for you to register a new account with us.

Once you have a new account, we can adjust the balances for you manually and I would be happy to compensate for the $60 and top it up with 100 free spins. Please send an email to our customer support to my personal attention so I can arrange everything.

What comes to the referred friends, could you please include the registered names of your friends so we can credit your bonuses manually, as long as your friends have qualified.

Again, apologies for the poor experience you've had recently. I'm sure we can set things right with just a little bit help from you.

Best regards,
Petteri Spara
Head of Customer Service - ComeOn!

posted on February 11, 2015.

i created a new account under the name: MzN1985

my friends e-mail i referred is jack_f­ur_­cra­[email protected]­hot­mai­ (he deposited $40)

Compensation $60 and $50 referring my mate and 100 spins, also if i create a new account i loose about 20,000 points can i get that added to my new account ?....

posted on February 12, 2015.

Thank you Allan for creating the new account, I really believe this is the quickest solution. I've emailed you all the details a moment ago so here's a short summary for the benefit of this web thread.

So, to settle everything with the newly created account, and to show our good will, we have added $70 in cash into the new account (for your past deposit with which the bonuses did not work) and topped it off with 100 free spins. We also added 25,000 points to your balance.

We have thoroughly checked your account as well as your friend's account and can honestly say that they have not registered via your link. We could not see any trace of it in their account. For this reason, I won't compensate for a referral.

I hope everything will work smoothly this time and wish you good luck with the games!

Kind regards,
Petteri Spara
Head of Customer Service - ComeOn!

posted on February 16, 2015.

Is this complaint resolved, can we close it?

posted on February 16, 2015.

Yes this is resolved...

Thank you & comeon casino

happy betting, take care (( =