Grand Parker Casino - They say I won with a no deposit bonus

Ella France
posted on August 28, 2014.

I won 1406 euros with this casino, I played with a deposit and they gave me a bonus. I tried to withdraw the money but then they told me that I had won it with a free bonus and that I was only entitled to 125 euros. That is a BIG LIE! I sent them emails but I am sure I won't get anything back as someone had called me and told me that the withdrawal has been cancelled...

posted on August 29, 2014.

Hello Ella,
Please provide us with your username so that we could check the issue.
Thank you and best regards,
The Grand Parker Team

Ella France
posted on September 2, 2014.

Hello, my username is Ellie51

posted on September 3, 2014.

Hello Ellie51,
Thank you for your reply, we’ll forward this issue to support for checking.
Best regards,
Grand Parker Team

posted on September 6, 2014.

Hello again,
As promised, our representative called you and the solution was found over the phone.
Please confirm that the issue is resolved.
Thank you for cooperation,
Grand Parker team

Ella France
posted on September 6, 2014.

Grand Parker explained in details about the bonuses. It all seem to be a bit complicated, but in the end we came to an arrangement and they have decided to transfer 375 euros into my account. It's better than nothing, was not 1406 euros but I am happy with this.
The matter is now closed.

posted on September 8, 2014.

Apparently, player and casino reached an agreement. This complaint is considered as closed.