Still waiting on full withdrawal from Rome Casino

posted on July 7, 2012.

A couple months ago I withdrew $1,250 from RomeCasino, which was evidently approved on May 29 (based on correspondence from the finances guy, Walter).

First time withdraws are supposed to expect an 18 business day wait after your forms have been submitted and approved. It is now July 6 (well over 18 days) and I have still been waiting for my withdrawal.

I have communicated with Walter before, but responses have been extremely slow (maybe a week wait or more for a reply), and also my account manager (Ben B) and sent one e-mail to Noah, and I have not heard back from either of them. The live chat support is not helpful on the matter, and only refer me to finance (though they are pretty helpful with in-game stuff). Last week, Walter sent me a message telling me that RomeCasino was at fault for the delay and I should expect the payment this week. It is now the end of the week.

A couple days ago I received $473 in my bank account, which I am presuming is from RomeCasino since I am not expecting any other payment. It's hard to tell the because the names on the statements don't look anything like "RomeCasino." But this is of course well short of $1250, and I have inquired as to whether receiving a few smaller amounts (rather than one lump sum) is standard protocol, and also when I could expect the rest, but with no answer.

I'm hoping this can be resolved soon.

People new to this casino should be aware however that receiving payments can be exceedingly slow, and withdrawing comes with a $50 wiring fee, so I'm not sure how small-stakes people are supposed to make money. I'm also not sure why I paid the fee if the transaction could not be done in a timely manner.

posted on July 7, 2012.

Hello There,

First of all if this is accurate then there should be an apology for the delayed times, we do have delays at times which we admit, but we do pay in full and if you did not get your full winnings then it needs to be corrected. However those that contact me usually get a speedy response and so I am displeased to hear you emailed me. Can you please email me again at [email protected]­ome­par­tne­ with your full casino ID so I can investigate for you?

Kind Regards,


posted on July 8, 2012.

I have just received an update from Noah who represents RomeCasino. I am now told that I am not eligible for the rest of my winnings, since I originally deposited $50, and withdraws less than $250 are subject to a "10x only" winning rule.

This is absolutely outrageous (I'm also skeptical this rule was in place at the time of winning). Regardless, I was told on June 8 that my withdraw had been approved on May 29. I had also been in contact with Walter on a few occasions after that who told me that my withdraw was on the verge of being received, with absolutely no indication that it would be less than 40% of what I am owed. Rule or not, this is extremely unprofessional protocol, and as a lost customer this will probably cost them more in the longer run.

Since being notified of the approval on June 8, I have since deposited even more money with RomeCasino on this understanding that I would be receiving the full amount.

I still want to hear back from RC, but as there is no one keeping online casinos in check, I don't expect much out of this.

posted on July 8, 2012.

By the way, I can accept if this was a simple matter of me misreading the T&C of the casino, in which case I was dumb. But more aggravating is that I was misled for over a month now, and because I was misled I was duped into depositing more money under the expectation I was going to be paid my full amount. This is all in addition to the untimely receiving of my "small winnings."

For one thing, my withdrawal had been approved with no indication whatsoever that I'd only be eligible for a tiny fraction of it. This is in addition to emails such as:

//"Sure thing Chris, Feel free to contact me at any time. As it shows, the withdrawal was approved on May 29th, it might take Finance up to 18 working days to execute the payment.


Walter K.

Withdrawal Manager"//


//"Dear Chris,

Sorry for the late reply,

I checked it up, it shows that the withdrawal was approved on May 29th after completing gathering all of the initial paper work. So officially we are within the promised timeframe, however I do want this payment to be sent as soon as possible so I will in touch soon I after they will update me with an exact ETA. It is being processed that’s for sure, have a great week-end,

Always around,

Walter K.//"

and after the "promised timeframe" was over...

//"Sure thing, I apologize for the wait. This time the fault is on us. The payment was espoused to be executed this week but due to an issue we had with our international processor it was not sent out. I do not want to bother you with all of the technicalities and bureaucracies, just to say we are sorry and are working strongly that it will be sent out next week to correct this situation. A notification will be sent on due date as-well..."//

(By the way, there was no notification sent out when I got my payment, I just discovered it in my bank account). Again, no indication that I'd only be receiving a small amount. Based on the acceptance of the full withdrawal, and on these emails, I felt safe enough to deposit more money to RomeCasino. This all happened over the course of a month, well enough time for someone competent to fill me in. I was intentionally lied to, supplemented with a delayed payment, probably in order to get me to deposit more money. Along with me, I know 1-2 other of my friends who wanted to get into online gambling and I would have recommended RomeCasino to them. They do have their advantages, but they lost a few customers all over, what, less than $800?

posted on July 9, 2012.

Hi Chris,

I'm sorry and I understand how you feel, however this rule has been in place for over a YEAR. Players in all online casinos are expected to read and understand the terms and conditions, especially those regarding bonus play, deposits and withdrawals. Walter did not write about it specifically since it is a routine part of the withdrawals department procedure and it is not his job to calculate your withdrawal, only to send it, did you ever ask him what the amount will be?

You feel misled? Do you really think we delayed the withdrawal so you can deposit a few more times? And that you have 'spent more money'? Should you have won you would have expected winnings and you would have gotten them, so I hardly think you not reading the terms and conditions is the casino's fault. You didn't read it the first time then didn't read it the second time. It was there for you to read and you did not, that's what it comes down to. That you were delayed I am very sorry for, as I mentioned in my email to you, and I also said I will speak to the casino to comp you in some way for that, but the essence of the problem is that you did NOT read the terms and conditions, as any player wagering real money should do first thing upon playing. That is not the fault of the Casino.

Again I am sorry you didn't get what you expected and that you were delayed, but this rule was there all this time, and you could have read it at any time, and it is definitely not the responsibility of the casino to decide on what you deposit in the meantime, it was your decision not to wait and continue to play, again without reading the terms.

Kind Regards,


posted on July 9, 2012.


Look, I take blame for my part but I withdrew $1250 and then the withdraw was approved. That to me means the withdraw was approved. Walter also mentioned that the withdraw was approved. That does *not* mean that less than 40% of the withdraw was approved, that I should re-read the T&C, or that I should talk to Walter in order to clarify what amount of the withdraw was approved.

The rules also mention that:

//"Once a withdrawal is requested, the casino applies the 10X rule and corrects the withdrawal to accurately reflect the 10X rule. The remaining funds are deemed "Non-Withdrawable" and are cleared from the player's balance"//

Nothing was corrected and nothing was cleared. My "history" section said I had $1250 pending. Furthermore, when I made the withdrawal, I also had several hundred dollars that I was still playing with (all from the original $50 deposit) which was not cleared. No notification. No clearance, and certainly no correction as "promised" by the Bible of terms and conditions. And the guy in change never seemed to know what was going on.

This is the definition of misleading and unprofessional. It's like handing a kid a cigarette, watching him light it up and approving of it, then getting him in trouble later because he violated the law of underage smoking which he didn't know about.

I have tried to be nice to you, since you have been fair to me. Of course, I cannot prove that this rule was or was not always in effect, but I remember reading through it again and asking the live chat if there was something I was missing, since I just had the feeling I'd be screwed somehow (the rest is history) after I hit the big win. Live chat also gave me no indication of anything wrong, and gave me withdraw instructions.

I do hope something can be done on your end regarding a comp, but I am not depositing anymore money with you guys, so any comp/bonus, etc that you want to award to me should not involve that.

posted on July 9, 2012.

I'd also point out that those are very odd Terms and are basically excluding all low-stakes players from wanting to be there. They need to pay $50 to withdraw, and they have no chance of hitting big. I think it would be beneficial for you and your players to re-consider in the future...

posted on July 9, 2012.

Hi Chris,

The withdrawal being approved does not mean it was not subject to regular procedure. You were approved to withdraw, and then it was adjusted according to the amount you were allowed to withdraw. Adjusting the amount in accordance with the terms (which are in no way a 'bible' but are similar to the size of other online casino lengths), is not in any way disqualifying it. The actual terms are not for me to debate, you can discuss that with the casino itself. I do take to heart your words and I will recommend some procedures taken place to making players understand the amount was adjusted according to the terms.

Basically Chris, you won without reading the terms, you didn't understand what you were about to get, you were delayed, that is true, and we failed to notify you of the change, because we assumed you know the rules, as we usually assume with players who gamble with their real money. The perceived fairness or unfairness of the rules in your eyes has nothing to do with it. Honestly, when I play, I read every single word to make sure I know what to expect, whether losing or winning, and I think you know you should have done the same.

I will speak to the Casino to see if we can get you comped without a deposit.

Kind Regards,


posted on July 9, 2012.

Perhaps both parties here need a lesson in basic english. A mistake I won't make again.

It would be nice to see online casinos care more for their customers rather than mindlessly cite what wiggle room they can get out of the terms and conditions, even though both parties here were clearly irresponsible.

AskGamblers, I suppose you can consider this settled.

posted on July 9, 2012.

 Complaint solved!