Still nothing from Classycoin Casino

posted on December 21, 2012.

Well classycoin is back online and collecting everyones money but no payout received so far. They told me on the 12-11-12 email that a withdrawal was approved and on the 12th they told me they were wiring me the money for the bad check and now today the live chat wont talk to me and I called the number posted on the site and told here my name and she kept hanging up about 15 times the my call was sent to a recorded message that said I had reached a nonworking number. I have posted everything on this site as it happened or didnt and I have received no help. I have gotten 4 bad checks countless fees and still no money. I have gotten wire transfers of 2000 back in october and 3 checks that didnt bounce and 4 that have bounced 3 of which have been covered. I have gotten no money since the end of October and the still owe me8000.00. 1000 is for a bad check.