MajorTom Casino - Stalling Payment

Sheila United Kingdom
posted on November 7, 2014.

I managed to build up a balance of about £700 at major tom in September, I submitted a partial withdrawal request of a part of the balance about 5-6 weeks ago, upon checking a couple of days later I noticed the balance had been returned. I assumed an I.T error so I resubmitted again and again noticed few days later it had been returned to my account with being notified. When I contacted them I was told that they needed verification documents, which I provided. On the 17th of last month (3 weeks ago) I was told my account was verified....I saved the live chat, here is an excerpt

"MajorTom: thank you for holding, i see that the player security has verified your account
ME: Thanks , so I should be able to withdraw a couple of hundred from my account now?
MajorTom: yes you should be able to withdraw"

So again I withdrew a partial amount and noticed this was on hold since, I have spoken to live chat support several times who just say this is with the payments team. I was told on live chat today that my withdrawel has again been returned to my account (again no communications received). I have been civil and polite during the past 6 weeks and provided everything they have required. After several weeks and several conversations my account remains open but I am unable to withdraw. There is no communication from them unless prompted. After hours of attempting to get this resolved I would like to raise a complaint with askgamblers in a bid to get this resolved