Slots Oasis non-payment

posted on November 1, 2011.

requested $300 wire transfer oct.3 to date nov 1 still no money in my checking account.provided all required information on faxback back and everything was approved several months ago.I have made several deposits and withdrawls .It has been 21 business days excluding weekends and columbus day still they are giving me the run around,have spoken on phone and live chat with agents but all they tell me is be patient and sorry for the hassle.5-10 business days is what slot oasis advertises on paying out thats a lie they are 11 days over.Its a shame that it has come down to this but they left me no choice please help me if you can best regards rfuller

posted on November 3, 2011.

my wife wife & i would like to thank you very much for getting our money,we appreciate the time and effort yout team put into this matter .the money has already been wired into our account.again thanks.kind regards r&l fuller.