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Slots Oasis Casino NIGHTMARE!!!!

posted on February 1, 2012.

 I won $6000 at slots oasis and requested payout on november 2, 2011. it is now february 1, 2012, 4 months later, and they have yet to pay me 2 of 3 seperate withdrawal requests totaling $4000. i received only 1 payout thus far, which took 2 months to receive and to this day, nothing more and i am completely fed up with this crap!!! please see below the numerous events that have occured since november last year when i had intially requested to withdraw my funds:

- they rejected my withdrawal requests only to approve them after resubmitting them on more than one occasion. they had no reason as to why they declined my requests since they never made a point to respond to my emails instead just approved my 2nd and 3rd requests soon thereafter. it was then that i knew something shady had transpired and that i was in for a fight to collect my winnings.

- i went back and forth with the withdrawals dept inquiring on the time frame required to receive payment. i was informed that they will only process a maximum withdrawal of $2000 per week.. well its february 2012, many weeks have passed by including the start of the new year and im still owed money!!!! i emailed and emailed and emailed. i counted all my correspondence which totaled 117 emails and i received response to maybe 10 of those. amongst those 10 replies from the withdrawal dept i was attacked and belittled and given many different bs stories as to why there had been such a delay with my withdrawal requests. if and when they do respond to emails they feed the same old tired excuses andim done listening to their lies. there is a complete disregard to any emails sent and lack there of any type of response. i have been ignored and pushed aside for far too long!

- live chat is the biggest joke ever! they are human shields that serve only one purpose and that is to prevent the withdrawal dept from doing their job, that of which would be to pay customers their winnings. they never have any resolution for you. they do nothing to contact the withdrawal dept on your behalf, they simply refer you to email them and wash their hands of your complaints. they are rude, i have been disconnected on purpose over and over again simply because they are tired of dealing with customers complaining over not receiving their withdrawals, (this is what one of the live chat reps explained to me), well how professional is that? im tired of being ignored. they know they owe me money and all i want is to collect and be done with this!

- they seem to have a weekly change in management / staff since i keep getting different people claiming to be in charge of the withdrawals dept who know nothing of my situation, again i have to explain my situation then undergo the time it takes for them to look into my matter just to be fed the same stories and that i will get paid when they so choose to pay me.

- last week i received a random email, out of the blue, as i had not sent an email to trigger a response, from a new dept manager saying they had paid me in full as it pertains to their processor records and that is a lie!!! today i received a long awaited response, one week later, following my 12 emails which had been ignored til now, saying they are looking into this and they will mail me a check if they discover that my funds were indeed never processed as they claim them to be. no, i dont think so, not acceptable, i dont want a check, i want my funds wired, no more waiting... i need help, can you please help me before i have a breakdown?????

cant take anymore!!! just want my money!!!! any assistance will be most appreciated!!! sorry if i seem upset but i cannot contain my anger at this time for any longer as i am completely pushed to the limit.

posted on February 10, 2012.

 Anything from the casino?

posted on February 10, 2012.


posted on March 12, 2012.

sorry for the delayed response. The casino is doing everything in it's power to have all outstanding withdrawals resolved. any specific questions or concerns should be directly sent to withdr­awa­[email protected]­slo­tso­asi­

Again, we are working very hard to make sure everyone gets paid out.


Slots Oasis Casino

posted on March 21, 2012.

 Roxxi, have you contacted casino via this email above?