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Casino Estrella - Self-excluded in their sister casino, but opened account and lost 1060eur

posted on August 4, 2015.

I`m having big problems with gambling, and as a part of healing from it I have contacted an unknown number of casinos to exclude myself from them.
Last night I had an reversion and searched AG for a welcome-bonusoffer. I choose Casino Estrella as it seemed good and offered a decent 100% wb. Long story short, as way to many times in the past I emptied my wallet. Lets cut to the case:

Today I found that this casino belongs to the same group (Starfish-media) as one of the casinos I earlier have excluded myself from, Lucky31. First of all, it should not be possible to open one account when you're excluded from a casino group. Second, If I had won and requested a withdrawal, I'm convinced they would have turned the ex against me and void any winnings. There`s no reason to gamble if you can`t win...

Well, below is the dialogue between Estrella and me and attached image displays dialogue between Lucky21 and me.

On Wed, Jul 29, 2015 at 3:17 AM, wrote:


After some research Im surprised to find out that Estrella belongs to the Starfish-media group, who also owns Lucky 31 which im self-excluded from due to my bad gambling habits and problems. I clearly Asked Lucky31 the 9th may ty to be excluded also from the group aswell.

Therefore, I demand to get all of last nights deposits refunded to my account asap. Please transfer it all to my skrill account xxx.

Estrella`s reply:

Dear xxxxx,

I'm really sorry about this inconvenience and the issue you're experiencing. However, please note that CasinoEstrella and Lucky31 manage different databases; for that reason you have to inform each casino of the group about your gambling problems so we can take action about it. We have already closed this account and it will never be reopened again but unfortunately we can't make a refund since we weren't aware about your gambling issues.

Kind regards,

-I insist to continue the dialogue here.

As it clearly appears from the attached screenshot I asked for an exclusion from both Lucky31 and the rest of the group. Why wasn`t I informed about the different databases by Lucky31?

Tell me again how you won`t lay down, huh?

posted on July 30, 2015.

Hi Bjoern,
I've read your complaint and I've consulted with the support staff involved in your case and looked into your case myself. Unfortunately in this specific case we can’t refund you for the deposit made into CasinoEstrella. The reason for this is that while the casinos are operated and managed by one company, they belong to different owners. That is why we have different country and bonus restrictions on each casino, the T&C vary slightly from one brand to another and as the support staff mentioned, player databases are handled separately. When a player asks to be excluded from depositing and playing in one of the brands, we can't just go ahead and implement this measure on all other brands.
We are sympathetic with your situation and we usually like to solve these issues in benefit of the players, but in this case we really have no basis to ask CasinoEstrella for a refund of your deposit. Apologies for any inconvenience this case has caused you. I can confirm your account in CasinoEstrella has been closed.

posted on July 30, 2015.

A quick check across Estrella and Lucky31 casino websites reveals the following facts.

1/ Both brands are designed and operated by the one and the same company - MTM Corp.

2/ Both brands are operating under one and the same license.

3/ Both brands are using the same affiliate program.

Based on the information above, we will greatly appreciate if Casino Estrella provides our complaints team with some evidence that would support their thesis for the existence of different players databases between Lucky31 and Estrella.

posted on August 3, 2015.

Hi AskGamblers, the easiest way to prove we use separate player databases for each brand we manage is for you to register a player account with one of the casinos we manage for our clients and then try to log in to any of the other brands. For example, register an account with CasinoEstrella and use that login information to try and access Lucky31 or CasinoExtra or dublinbet. You will notice this is not possible.

posted on August 4, 2015.

After a further check across both casino brands websites we found the following very important piece of information. According to term #6.4 from Lycky 31 Casino Terms&Conditions "6.4. Any self-exclusion request would be valid for Lucky31 only. " The same rule exists in the Casino Estrella Terms & Conditions though. So, whether these brands share same players database is now irrelevant as the existence of the aforementioned rule is crystal clear that a self-exclusion agreement is valid only for the casino where it has been granted and does not affect other accounts across other brands.

Based on the above we consider this case as Resolved. We recommend player to seek further assistance from Casino Estrella's licensing authority in case of a disagreement with our final decision.

The complaint is now officially closed.

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