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Scorching Slots Casino - Payment delayed and no help from Support team


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£ 650

Posted on May 29, 2021

On 21st May I processed withdrawals on my Scorching Slots account. I was immediately emailed asking to verify the account as I’d reached a certain deposit threshold. (This threshold was drastically different to the same notification I received from my Pots Of Luck and JackpotJones accounts - they are both on the same network).

Having provided the requested documents, and waited the 3 working days outlined in the site’s T&C’s. Alas, no verification.

I contacted the support team and received nothing but template responses. “We can certainly look into this for you”, “I appreciate your frustration”, “I’ve passed this onto the team to chase up for you”.

The manager then contacted me via email the next day, and offered the exact same templates, with no explanation for why the process has been delayed, and no timescale for resolution.

I have now experienced this exact issue with Grace Media LTD on multiple occasions with THREE separate accounts.

They do not adhere to their promised process timescales, and refuse to action any complaints when contacted.

My hope is to promptly receive my withdrawals, which were won fairly without the use of bonuses or VPN, and be offered a gesture of goodwill added onto my account by means of apology for the consistent and negligent handling of my account.

Posted on May 29, 2021

Dear @Rhysecj,

The AskGamblers Complaint Team is kindly asking you to update your complaint accordingly and clarify the total amount of the disputed withdrawal request/s.

Please keep in mind that, as per the AGCCS Guidelines, providing updates in a timely manner is a must.

Thanks for cooperating with the AskGamblers Complaint Team.

Posted on May 29, 2021


The disputed amount for my Scorching Slots account is a £650 withdrawal.

They are also withholding three withdrawals totalling £790 on another account I have under their network.

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