Sad. Redflush holds 1700 usdollars won

posted on August 16, 2011.

Never dreamed it will happen . after 2 deposits from neteller , to both lavida

and redflush , where they lost the deposit and i had to wait long to be found ,

Not only but they refuse to pay 1700 us dollars made from a 100 plus 100 bonus .

sad because its an accredited casino in meister and others , i have to start a procedure .

I attach here one of their emails and deposits

181311358472781 Jul-22-11 18:14 $100.00 Accepted

201311358103266 Jul-22-11 18:08 $100.00 Accepted


We appreciate you sending us your statement. We have forwarded this to our finance team and will get back to you soon regarding your transactions.

Please feel free to Contact Us should you require any further assistance.

Best Regards


Casino La Vida

And than , after about week the documents sending , they confirm money will arrive

a bit later , and than they sent only the 100 deposit , and decide to confiscate winning over , irregular playing and such . Sad

posted on August 19, 2011.

Hi there,

I have investigated this case and unfortunately the player violated the terms of the promotion and the winnings were void. The player made several bets in excess of the maximum and the deposit was thus refunded. The specific term was:

“Other practices of playing behaviour which may lead to the casino withholding cashins and/or confiscating all winnings include, but are not limited to placing single bets whereby the wager consists of the majority of the total available balance and the bonus balance contributing to a significant portion of that balance. The placing of single bets that are equal to or in excess of 25% of the bonus that is credited to your account in order to meet wagering requirements for the bonus is considered as irregular play, and can result in any eventual winnings being confiscated. A 'single bet' in multi-hand blackjack means the sum of all bets placed in all positions for that deal. Should the casino deem that practices such as this have been utilized; the casino reserves the right to withhold any cashins and/or confiscate all winnings.”

There was a change made to the term however this was made in response to abuse and was done well before the player claimed the bonus. The player has sent a copy of the Casino Lavida terms as proof, however this is a separate brand to Red Flush and subject to different terms and conditions were applicable.

Best regards,

RedFlush Host

posted on August 19, 2011.

Hi Raul,

In response to your post, please do understand that terms and conditions are subject to change from time to time and it is the players duty to check the terms and conditions regularly. I have checked our terms and conditions and confirm that the terms that you are referring to had been changed prior to you making a deposit as precaution to abuse of play.

As a casino with several promotions starting and ending regularly, we do update our terms and conditions to match these promotions. However again, I can confirm that the terms you refer to had been changed prior to your play with us. The dates of our last update, is shown at the bottom of the screen for transparency to our players. The screen shot that you had sent was of Casino La Vida and thus those terms do not apply to RedFlush.

We have been reviewed by eCOGRA and have met and passed their high levels of compliance that shows that we are casino that has:

- Fair games

- Casino operates honestly and behaves responsibly

- Monetary Deposits are safe

This sign of approval is a rare accreditation that is only given to casinos that are honest and fair thus we are not a rogue casino.

Based on your play, your casino account has been closed and your deposits have been refunded to you via your original deposit method. We will not be unlocking your casino account or be allowing any further accounts to be created.


RedFlush Host

posted on August 20, 2011.

Redflush has changed the terms , After my deposit . this is the issue .

so far the casino has to prove that the change was done prior to the deposit . and he fails to do so .

that is the issue . they just dont want to pay that much money .

I dont have to proveí the abov e . the test of the proving is set on the casino that refuse to pay the winnings . They fail to play the game fairly . they told it on live chat and i quate ¨´ we can change the terms whenever we want ¨ and whenver we want includes probably , the time after i deposit . very intresting . Does anyone here find it a little bit wierd that majority of casinos have the 30% max , as well as redflush , but redflush changed it to 25% max bet , right after my deposit . that is beyond just not professional .

posted on August 22, 2011.

Hi Raul,

Please understand that your insistence that we changed the terms at time you made a withdrawal is invalid and unfounded. We had changed the terms to reflect 25% prior to you making your deposit with the casino. Again as stated on previous responses, the date of the last update is always reflected at the bottom of our Terms and Conditions to show our clarity and transparency.

The query to the amount of your withdrawal is again invalid as we have paid out sums much larger than yours to our players and we do process payment extremely quickly compared to many other online casinos. We currently have a player that has just won 49,000 and will be receiving the payment shortly. We always honor all cash-ins for valid and fair players and always pay out the funds punctually. We are known on the internet and at casino forums that we do honor our payments.

I have also reviewed all chats and cannot locate the chat where you have been told “we change the terms whenever we want”. This is not on any of the notifications or on your account notes. Yes we do change our Terms and Conditions from time to time however we do always maintain a level of fairness with regards to our changes and how it effects our players.

We are sorry that you are not entirely satisfied with this decision however we have refunded your deposit back to your method of deposit so that from our side, you have not lost your initial funds. Your casino account will remain closed and the decision on not paying your withdrawn funds will stand. This is the final decision taken on your casino account. We thank you for your time and wish you well for the future.


RedFlush Host

posted on August 23, 2011.

I start soon ecogra and pitch bitch, I can say the following

1. My eyes saw 30 rule not 25

2. The casino use any scary rule in his terms in order not to pay players, the casino reply with nice answers prouding of him being Ecogra accredited and Casinomeister accredited, I could see it is not the first time they try not to pay a player, sometimes they are being successful especially at time like now that casinos dont pay player even without bonuses, so nobody care.

3. Redflush put rules and change them and dont give specific dates of when they changed it

Redflush casino did a dirty trick to me, EVEN if the max bet was 27 and I placed 30 , is that a reason to close somebody account in a panic and bad and evil move, what did I do wrong to you Redflush for such a behaviour, what ? that I trusted your casino ? the terms, I trusted your casino, I am ur customer, shame on you

posted on August 23, 2011.


Red Flush Casino has made a full and final decision regarding this matter and we now consider this matter closed.


RedFlush Host