Rushmore Casino will not pay

posted on December 27, 2010.

I submitted a withdrawal on 11 Dec 2010. In the past my withdrawal was in my account in 48-72 hours. Now when I speak to customer service all they tell me is they're having technical difficulties and can no longer accept credit card deposits due to players not receiving their withdralwals, who made deposits with credit cards. My deposit and withdrawal was thru quicktender. So this situation shouldn't involve me, yet still I'm suffering. If you could assist me with this, I would greatlly appreciate it.

posted on December 30, 2010.

We are unfortunately experiencing some technical difficulties at this time and are doing all we can to fix this issue and get players paid out as soon as we can.

We totally understand the frustration and disappointment that our players are experiencing and sincerely apologize for the delays.

We WILL pay out all players and are not holding payments back in order to not pay players, we are simply unable to until the problem is fixed unfortunately.

Apologies to all players affected.

Rushmore Group.

posted on December 31, 2010.

Unfortunately, this do not help the situation. I've been given this generic response for the past 2 weeks. I'm sure they aren't having problems accepting deposits from players unaware of this situation. Why is there no estimated time on when the problem will be fix? I'm sure the problem is not with the exchange of funds through QuickTender, I'm still depositing and withdrawing with them. So what is the issue? Why is there a problem depositing my withdrawal into my QuickTender (UseMyWallet) account?

posted on January 6, 2011.

An Update. As has been posted on Casinomeister:

Hello all,

I hope that everyone is well and wish everyone a Happy New Year.

I know that things have been very difficult in the last few weeks and we have a lot of dissatisfied and frustrated players, and rightly so. I don't deny that the situation hasn't been an unfortunate one and apologize to all of the players that have been caught up in this.

This is not something that we wanted to happen, by any means, and have been doing all we can in order to fix the issue as soon as we could, but it has taken time.

I am however happy (and relieved) to report that the issue has been fixed and all withdrawals that have been approved are being sent out on a daily basis. As much as can be processed, is being processed. There is of course quite a backlog of withdrawals to be processed and sent, so they are being sent out in batches according to the date of the approved withdrawal/s.

A lot of withdrawals have already been sent out so if you haven't received your monies yet, then they are either on their way or about to be processed within the next few days. Please bear in mind that wires will take several days to be received in your bank accounts from the time of being processed from our side, so the wait isn't over, I know, but you can be assured that it will reach you as soon as we can get it to you now.

I would like to take this opportunity to offer my sincere apologies on behalf of the company and thank everyone for their patience.

Kind regards,


Rushmore, Cherry Red & Slots Oasis Rep.