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Royal Vegas Casino - Withdrawal issues!!

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Disputed casino Royal Vegas Casino
Reason Delayed payment
Posted on May 16, 2014

On October 2nd i won some winnings from Royal Vegas slot games. i withdrew my winnings that are 650.00 dollars. then i kept playing for the next couple of days and i won again this time more than 900.00 dollars, so i withdrew 650.00 again. i called for my first winnings but they told me to wait around three weeks and i waited for three weeks and nothing happened. i called again and they told me that they did not receive a document that should have sent to them, but i was never told about any type of document upon getting my winnings.So the man told me that because of that they reverse withdrew the money to my casino account and that's ridiculous because i never saw that amount back on my casino bank account. they never paid me! plus they kept me on hold on the phone for 7 minutes three times and he never knew what he was talking about. I fell scammed and let down, i want to know why i never got my money and why some of my statements are being blocked and changed to things i never did. plus he never counted my second winnings. he only talked 500.00 dollars when i had won more.

Posted on October 23, 2013


We have conducted a full investigation into your account.

You mention that you withdrew $650 and then the same amount again. You did indeed make two withdrawals. However they were for $500 and $150 totalling $650 not $1300. You definitely did not initiate another withdrawal to the amount of $650.

All our calls are recorded and I could not find any evidence that you were told to wait for 3 weeks for your withdrawal to be processed. There is absolutely no way that we will tell players that as it is well beyond our processing time.

You were sent a mail after you initiated the withdrawal. The mail, requesting verification documents to be submitted, was sent to your registered e-mail address. The mail also informed you that, should we not receive the required documentation within 24 hours, the withdrawal would be credited back to your casino account. After the withdrawal was credited back to your account you were served with a Virtual Pitboss message when you logged in to your casino account again. This message informed you that your withdrawal was credited back to your casino account. As we track these messages we can say with absolute certainly that you did indeed receive this message. It is also strange that you did not notice the balance in your account when you logged in again.

We regret the time it took during your telephone conversation and we have taken it up with the agent concerned.



Posted on October 23, 2013


Just in addition.

After you withdrew your winnings of $650 you did not "win $900.

You had a balance of $275.93 (after your withdrawal) at 10:31 on 2/10/2013 and after the reversal of your withdrawal at 11:58 on 2/10/2013 the balance moved up to $925.93

When you logged into your account 8 hours later you should have noticed the increase in your account balance

Posted on October 27, 2013

 Complaint solved??

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