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Rich Reels Casino - Deposit problem

fueldrockets Canada
posted on May 16, 2014.

Worst sites to play on in my opinion, there service is slow an there machines are the worst, go ahead though if you want to throw away your money, they ripped me off for the last time, never going back there again, it got so bad that they took money out of my bank account an put it in my mother's only active deposit she made on a casino i have never been to aztec riches, then they made out to be a thief an a criminal, when all the time it wasnt her fualt at all!! She in-put her own echeck account info along with her s.i.n. An bank details, then a couple of weeks later i realize i had one too many $50 taken off my bank, an after i inquired with them they told me it was a family memeber, so we matched the transaction # an sure enough it was, but when we talked to casino rewards about it they said both of our echeck's were on that casino account, i knew this wasnt possible becuase on casino rewards your only allowed one!! Bank account per echeck, plus how did my moms account info get on there if it wasnt done right the first time, not to mention its almost impossible to put money from one persons echeck on to another persons casino account, did anione from casino rewards ever apologize to my mom? No! Or to me? No, what if i didnt have any money to cover that $50 it would have been a nsf $50 charge,sickening that both echeck & casinorewards would rather blame my innocent mother rather than take the blame..sickening!

posted on October 3, 2013.

On the day that the deposit was made (10th September), "fueldrockets" echeck account was entered by whomever played on the account on that day.

A week later the echeck account used to deposit was removed in order to enter a new echeck account for deposit (as requested by the player), as well as a different account for withdrawal.

When the withdrawal was requested, as per our terms and conditions, the withdrawal up to the amount of the deposit was refunded back to the purchase account and the remainder was processed to the player's PMOP.


7. Authorisation Procedure

ii.Funds must be withdrawn with the same method used for depositing, up to the amount of the deposit. Please note that an Account Holder's withdrawal may experience a slight delay due to our identity verification process.

fueldrockets Canada
posted on October 4, 2013.

NO it wasn't! How was my Mothers Proper account INFO on that deposit? Did the software figure out what My mothers account number AND Social Insurance was all on its own?

Why did it GO through in the first place IF someone used MY eCHECK on my mom's casino account, ONLY one deposit was ever made using her account info an S.I.N. How do you explain that there was TWO eCHECK accounts attached to her Aztec Riches when we first Inquired about it?? NOW you are still blaming her on in putting my bank info when it clearly wasn't, You people act like this sort of thing happens all the time an didn't even ONCE offer any kind of apology TO the incovience it was to ME AND more Importantlly any kind of apalogy of calling my MOM a Thief, sick an disguisting, sick and DISGUISTING.

posted on October 4, 2013.

The kind of language used in this post is how the player has been corresponding with our support staff and is unnecessary.

If the player is not happy with the outcome of this issue, they are welcome to contact ecogra.

posted on October 4, 2013.

We have received some evidence that the casino staff didn't do anything wrong here. On top of all we were shown some of the player's mails to the casino support, full of extremely abusive and vulgar language! We DO NOT tolerate such an attitude in any way. The complaint is now solved. The player may seek for a help from eCOGRA if he's not happy with the result of his complaint here.

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