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Rich Casino - Closed accounts and processed withdrawals but 'forgot' about current balance funds

Shapoth Bangladesh
posted on October 8, 2018.

Because of my profession i need to spend almost 15/16 hours in front of computer, about a year ago i started playing in online casino's, that's my only entertainment part of life at this point i fixed an amount limit for it, anything come from winning used for playing, all i wanted to spend more time with a limited fund and then i looked for casino's offer i find Thebes casino and from then i have joined 21 dukes, rich casino, slot village, winward, 7 spin, 7 reels and almost of the casino's operate in this network, why cause for 1st 5 deposits they give amazing bonus, but main thing attracts me is they give 25 free spins in Monday­,We­dne­sda­y,F­riday and only for this i got locked in to this network, for this i was a little relief that at least i will be able to play more for sure, i was happy.
Now from May 2018 to This October i have literally got migraine headache, with all the nice offer and bonus i also faced way many issues arguments and tricky act by them.
i am someone who follow and respect terms and rules with highest priority the main reason not to have any unwanted issue, i am a bit emotional personal so i want to avoid any unwanted situation.
i needed to tell all this.
now the problem, Rich casino and casino's under this network closed my accounts by sending me this mail


Please be informed that our Management Team has decided to bring our business relation to an end, and to permanently close all of your casino accounts within our Network.

Please keep in mind that all of your withdrawal requests will be approved part today and part tomorrow.

Kindly note, this decision is final and irrevocable. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

We wish you the best of luck in future endeavors.

at this point my 5 withdrawals in 5 casino's was in pending and i got all 5 payment.
and at the same time in 5 casino's i have real money deposit in balance with active wagerings, and in some others there balance from free spins.
i didn't asked about reason behind of there decision, i think i know.
i waited for the withdrawals approved and then i asked for all my deposit i made in casino's of their network to refund.

now here are some points i want to consider
* i never went to any wrong way in intension
* i have no issue related any kind of security and in my game play
i have gone through 4 of random verification and passed them the last one i passed on october 1st, so there is no issue that's confirmed.
* for this 4 random verification process time they reversed my withdrawal request of 250+500+200+100, i lost 3 (950$) of them within hour of reversal in frustration, and withdraw the 4th 100$ after going through a total of 15 days patient and i believe if askgambler not involved i will not received that 100 even now.
* so in waiting for that 100$ i played with free chips and managed to complete the wager and i planned after withdrawing all of them i will choose only one of them and get rid of everydays issue and headache with them.

now while i was waiting for withdrawals and asking in live chat about withdrawals the last person told me it will get reviewed today. all this time i was playing with my real deposit and as well as with free chips in other account. and my account disabled and i received mail.

# they send me my 5 withdrawals in total 500$
this are my winnings i have spent hours for them.
# i have real deposit active in 5 accounts which i completing and in other's free chips winning i spend times there also
# i have no issue with security or anything wrong that they can accuse
# i understand i am not being profitable for them, because of their tricky act i waste 950$ if i could withdraw them i may not go for desperately trying to win from bonus fund or small deposits.
# i am not a bonus hunter, all i understand is the welcome bonuses are for kick start deposit minimum try to win from them and gain a larger account to play,
and in the end house will win.
now as the management decided to end it and they do have the right to do, if we go through terms and conditions the casino have the right to do whatever they want, but is that how things work?

i received withdrawals but not from charity those are my winnings and i have spend hours and hours, if they want to end as there word bring our business relation to an end i am requesting them to refund all my deposits i made in their 13 casinos. and the amount is about 800$ Approx they know it well, but if needed i will provide.
i am taking a break from after this issue is solved if they don't want me to play in their casino's they can't do it without refunding me.

i will come in with more details if needed but my intentions are not to argue i want it to end too but with the refund.
thats all
Thank You

Shapoth Bangladesh
posted on October 9, 2018.

To Make Things smooth and faster i want add this facts to clarify my claims

# there was 5 accounts with active deposits which i was completing wager i want those 5 deposits refund.
(rich casino, slotsvillage, winward, 7 spins, extravegas)

# i made deposits to this 4 casino account and never make any successful withdrawal, they disabled without refund so all my deposits of this accounts i want refund.
(Tangiers 8 deposits, Black Diamond 5 deposits, Box24 3 deposits, casino moons 3 deposits)

posted on October 10, 2018.


Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention.

Answering to any concerns that our customers might have is our top priority and this case is no exception.
Please note that we have thoroughly investigated this matter and your account on Rich Casino and reached the conclusion that all winnings have been approved by our accounting team in due time and according to the website rules and regulations.

In regards to the refunds that you are claiming, please note that we have looked into it and found that the funds have been put into play up until the last cent, as well as all your winnings have been paid according to your withdrawal requests and the rules of the website.

Please refer to the following rule from our Terms and Conditions:
10.6. Immediately following the termination of this Agreement, by either Party, RichCasino is bound to reimburse the integral amount indicated in the User’s Account, only after the deduction of any amount owed to RichCasino, if any.

According to the above mentioned rule, any cashable winnings that were available on the account have been paid in full and there are no pending amounts.

We appreciate you choosing our services and we are at your full disposal should you need help with anything at all.

Kind regards,
The Rich Casino Team

Shapoth Bangladesh
posted on October 10, 2018.

Thank you for the reply.

* Slots Village = 30
* RichCasino = 12
* Winward = 43
* 7Spins= 49
* Extravegas= 100
each of the account have equal chance of winning real money deposit bonus was active, i my play history in there casino i have gained larger balance even falling down 1/2$, not one time many time i did that. now this balances were in my bonus balance some of them have free spin bonus added with deposit bonus. but i want to ask just answer one question " i do have equal chance of win in each account?, i have no doubt about this" i can go more details on this, i have spent month and hours and hours i have gone through all the tactics.

And Tangie­rs,­Box­24,­Bla­ckD­iam­ond­,Ca­sin­oMoons there is no way i will accept your decision without my refund.

months ago i tried to withdraw 250$ from extravegas after long waiting it was reversed for random verification i lost that 250$ within 25 min, just after weeks i tried to withdraw 500$ from Tangiers there was no doubt in my mind that i will get the fund but surprisingly random verification right on 1st withdrawal, you tell me one when i registered i submitted my documents and get approved, and when i wanted to place withdrawal i have sent my documents again and on approval i placed a withdrawal request i am facing random verification and which will not be done in less than 10 days, i lost that 500$ within hour, then 21dukes then spartanslots . your tactics blocked me to withdraw anything for almost 1.5month

and now you decide to close my accounts? refund my claims.

i have my faith on Askgambler Team, i have never done anything wrong , never break any rules passed your 4 random verification played hours and hours. i have ethics and moral values too so i am asking for just this refunds and on count its not even 500$, but
i swear on God i will not accept this decision without refund.

Thank you

posted on October 10, 2018.

Dear @Shapoth,

Please confirm if the issue this complaint and Rich Casino related has been resolved. Keep in mind that in case you fail to respond within the given time frame we will consider your issue as resolved and your complaint will be closed accordingly.

We would also like to use the occasion and suggest to player to submit new complaints against the other casino brands if needed, since upon AskGamblers Casino Complaints Service complaints need to be separated for each casino listed on our website.

Thank you all for your cooperation.

Shapoth Bangladesh
posted on October 10, 2018.

Dear Askgambler Team
i am not convinced and can not accept this explanation.
as suggested i will go with separate complaint for each casinos.

the moment they closed my account there was 12$ in my balance, i want the casino send the amount i am sending mail with a btc address to the rich casino accounts.

i will update and consider this solved after i received that 12$.

Thank you

Shapoth Bangladesh
posted on October 11, 2018.

I want to request askgambler team to close the complaint as resolved,
i have received their response and clear confusion , at this point i have no complaint against the management and casino's under this same network.

posted on October 11, 2018.

Based on submitter's last post AskGamblers Complaints Team consider this case as Resolved and it is officially closed now.

Thank you all for your cooperation.

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