Euromoon Casino - Refused payment of over €14,000

anythingtaboo United Kingdom
posted on December 9, 2015.

I deposited £30 (€38) to play a new slot, and i couldn't believe my luck when i won a jackpot of €10,000. Continued playing on various games for a while, and managed to win just over €14,000.

Withdrawal limits are set to €5000 per month, so attempted to withdraw that amount, with the intention of leaving the rest in to withdraw monthly.

I received an email saying that this has been declined, and that it is due to irregular play. Basically because i haven't deposited thousands of pounds (Only a few hundred in this last 6 months), they aren't going to pay out a large win. So they wiped my complete balance of over €14,000 and put my initial deposit back in instead. Ridiculous.

Now when I attempt to log into my account it states that the site is being upgraded, so I can't even access the support live chat. Sent an email to dispute it, which hasn't been responded to.

Basically, will let you deposit money to your hearts consent, but any attempt to withdraw will be refused.

posted on December 11, 2015.

Hi Anythingtaboo,

We are currently looking into the issue.

Kind Regards,

Euromoon Casino Support

anythingtaboo United Kingdom
posted on December 11, 2015.

I received a response from the support team stating that because i made single bets over 30% of the deposit, that all my winnings were invalid. The initial win of 10,000 Euros however, was definitely not breaking that term.

It's common knowledge that after a win, gamblers will often increase their bets in the hopes of winning more. Which is what I did. And the fact that this isn't clearly advertised, and there was no warning of this, is definitely problematic.

However, the winnings after that were breaking the 30% rules. And i've responded to the email stating that I'm happy to forgo those winning, but the initial 10,000 won via a jackpot, i am still entitled to.

posted on December 13, 2015.

Hi Anythingtaboo,

As explained by our support representative, the 30% rule was breached.
We will provide any necessary information to AskGamblers in order to close this issue.

Kind Regards,
Euromoon Casino Support

anythingtaboo United Kingdom
posted on December 13, 2015.

And as i've explained to your 'support' representative, the initial withdrawal of 9,500 Euro was requested before any breach of the, frankly quite ridiculous, 30% rule. Which i had to cancel after speaking to your live help, because of your 5,000 withdrawal cap per month.

Not only is this unjustified, it's also quite blatant after reading other issues users have had with your site, that you continue to refuse to pay out any substantial winnings. Who want's to play in a casino that you can't actually win at?

posted on December 16, 2015.

Upon evidence that we received from casino management we can concur that player breached casino's terms and conditions 15.2.

We reserve the right to withhold any withdrawals and/or confiscate all winnings and bonuses for irregular play.
"Irregular play" includes, inter alia:
Placing total bets equal to or greater than 30% of the value of the deposit currently in play.
Using Martingale, double-up and similar systems and strategies.
In cases where a bonus was received, prior to the wager requirements for the bonus having been met, “Irregular play” additionally includes:
Placing total bets equal to or greater than 30% of the value of the bonus credited to the player account.
Even money bets on Roulette and other relevant games
“Total bets” is defined as the sum of individual bets (lines, chips, hands, etc.) within a round, i.e., the total bet amount when clicking the “spin” or “play” or equivalent button.

Player's deposit was refunded to his balance. Upon everything stated above we consider this complaint resolved and closed. If player think that his rights was infringed we recommend to seek further help in front of the casino's licence authority.

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