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Betchan Casino - Refund declined after deposit was taken out of neteller account and did not show up on my casino account

explora888 Cambodia
posted on October 13, 2016.

I made a deposit on 3rd of October of $200 AUD in 2 seperate transactions, which i didnt intend to. I only wanted to deposit once, when i deposited it showed that there was a problem and said i should try again, so i tried again. And still same thing showed up. So i contacted betchan right away and asked them what was wrong, because the money had been taken out of my neteller account but i did not receive it in my betchan account. They said there not sure of the problem, but they would give me full refund once it was sorted.
After so many attempts to contact them, i finally got through and they told me that i would get my refund within 48hrs. I finally managed to contact them again after 2 hrs of waiting, and they told me i would receive my refund within 24 hrs. 48hrs had passed so i contacted them again and after another 2hr wait i finally got through to them to hear that they were working on it and i would receive it soon. They would not give me a time frame nor would they give me the email to their finance department.
At this point i was getting impatient. They asked me to upload a screenshot of my neteller account summary which i did. I contacted them everyday from there and they said that i would receive my refund soon. After about 4-5 times of waiting for absurd hrs just to get in contact and rejection of my emails, i finally got through and they told me that i had to contact neteller because they think that there was a problem with neteller on that day, which cant be right because i made a deposit to a different/same merchant and had no problems at all.
I contacted neteller anyway and they told me that the payments went through and that the merchant has it it need to trace it up. They gave me a transaction number for both transactions to send to betchan which i did. And ever since that time, i have received no replies to emails and cannot reach them on their live chat.
I was so patient with them and now they just automatically just abandon my issue and refuse to solve it. And clearly its their sites mistake. I have all emails and chat logs to verify this information.
Please help me to resolve this issue. I've been very patient with the casino and have always been polite and abided their rules. And i liked this casino too, but now I'm just fustrated. They reject my emails and not reply and it seems to always take up to 2-3 hrs for me to be able to get in contact with live chat. Its not about the money anymore, its more about the principle, i cant just let this little issue go becuase im sure that it happens to alot of ppl and they dont bother to solve the issue, cos its not worth the time and effort. And i thought this site was a certified casino too which was why i signed up in the first place.
Thabk you

posted on October 14, 2016.

Dear Kuy,

We are sorry for your experience with our customer service.

But we are happy to inform you that both of your deposits were approved and the funds have been credited to your account. You can withdraw the deposited sum or play with it since for each of the deposits you have received a bonus + freespins!

It is worth mentioning that during that day Neteller had some issues, which was confirmed on their side. What concerns unavailable Live Chat, there might have been too many simultaneous chat requests. All in all, please accept out sincere apologies for the provided service. Such situation is a really rare exception. We believe, this won't occur again, but if it does, we will find a resolution as soon as possible!

We will be glad to see you again!

Thank you for understanding and patience!

Kind regards,

Betchan Casino Team

explora888 Cambodia
posted on October 15, 2016.

Thank you. Appreciate it. But it shouldn't have had to lead to this, where i should have to put in a complaint. I didnt want to put in the complaint cos ur reputation is on the line and like i said, i like this casino.
Anywayz, all i ask is plz try to improve customer service and support. And something as simple as this issue should of been resolved on the spot. Doesnt matter now. Its been resolved and i hope it doesnt happen again.
Thank you

posted on October 15, 2016.

Based on submitter's last post AskGamblers Complaints Team consider this case as Resolved and it is officially closed now.

Thank you all for your cooperation.