Grand Fortune Casino - Purposeful Playthru Miscalculation To Avoid Having Winning Players

posted on February 19, 2015.

I have recently played using bonus code Grand200 at Grand Fortune Casino (and Raging200 at its sister site, RagingBull Casino). Since the purpose of this complaint is for Grand Fortune, I will stick to that Casino, however, I will mention the other one because the same issue has occurred there and I am not getting paid).
What you will see that has transpired here is a casino, that once had a good reputation, has suddenly gone rogue and in a way that players should avoid at any costs. RagingBull also belongs to this group. These cash out issues after winning took place Feb 4 and 5.

According to the manager, the terms and conditions of the offer are 35 times the deposit plus wins on free spins. My playthru requirement ended up being $3,242.60.

Here's an except from a conversation with customer service:
Me: I want the proper playthrough adjusted on my account to make actual playthrough on the deposit
Me: equal to exactly $1 in slot spins
Didier: I believe that the way it is
Me: i just did a $1 spin
Me: 40 cents on the playthru
Me: $1 spin on Achilles
Me: plathru went from $2,530.58
Me: sorry 2,530.98
Me: to 2,530.58
Me: 40 cents
Me: not $1

And then this:

Didier: Ok your account will be sent for review at the technical Department to make sure there is no technical issues
Me: that's $16 in spins
Me: and my playtrhu is now $2,524.17
Me: once again, 40% of the slot game is counted
Me: someone made a mistake is treating slot games like table games
Me: on GRAND200 promotion, you show slot games count as 100%, correct?
Didier: Yes that's correct
Me: ok, if they find the error, they will fix it and they will adjust my playthru, correct?
Me: i'm 100% it's there
Me: meaning there is an error in the system
Me: in terms of how it accounts for the playthru
Me: Like I said I had sent your games for review and we will have to wait
Me: ok about how long will it take to review?
Me: I will get an answer only tomorrow

This led to multiple conversations with agents and the manager, Schalk. Schalk appeared to genuinely care about this issue and kept promising to get back to me with an answer for 2 weeks. I told him this happened at Grand Fortune and Raging Bull.

I have saved all of our conversations on this matter. Here's how Grand Fortune tried to resolve the issue after acknowledging the problem on Feb 9:

Schalk: According to the coupons you have not met the wager, it shows that the wager is roughly about half way at the moment. The coupons and their wager are automatic. We cant edit the coupons while they are in play.
Me: well, this is a major problem and is not fair
Schalk: Indeed, good fortunes I see, on both, good balance and a positive result.
Me: since i agreed to the terms and conditions of the offer, you should agree to honor that agreement
Me: i did not agree to have slots count at 40%
Me: i agreed for them to count at 100%
Schalk: I understand, but if we remove the coupon it will remove the balance.
Me: so someone needs to make the adjustment
Me: do i contact finance, upper management, or go directly to
Schalk: I don't want you to lose the balance now, that would be even worse than a "wonky" coupon.
Me: here's the deal, i met the terms and conditions
Me: such a "wonky" coupon is not my problem
Me: it would be highly unethical for you to not enable me to cashout
Schalk: Why don't you continue to play, and if it goes well it's ok. If not I will add a $150.00 CashBack bonus on both accounts for you to continue on, is that ok?
Me: since i already met the playthru
Me: no, it's not Schalk
Me: this is not ok
Me: each dollar i play will continue to be counted at 40%
Me: that is highway robbery and usury
Schalk: Like I said We can't take the coupon off, it will remove the balance, that's the problem at the moment.
Me: ok, so AskGamblers is going to be the way to go
Me: I will post this on AskGamblers to other players
Me: as a result of your company not honoring the terms and conditions of your offer
Schalk: I'm sure we can resolve it without any forum interference.

The manager has clearly admitted the issue and he wants to pay me off with some $150 bonuses . It seems like he's telling me he will reward me with bonuses for losing money. But here I am, having met the playthru requirements! The system is cheating me by not counting my slot play at 100%, but at 40%.
I logged in and out of the casino for the two weeks since the problem began. Schalk kept promising me resolution but kept saying he needed another day. I kept taking a few spins here and there, which lowered by balances by the amounts provided at the beginning of this complaint. Each and every time, playthru was calculated at 40 percent.
Now prepare to be shocked by what happened next. The casino makes a dishonest attempt to say I have to meet the coupon requirements without mentioning the playthru issue. In my conversation with Schalk, he becomes shady and avoids answering questions, and by not answering them, he tells me I'm twisting the conversation. I tell him that the casinos (both Grand Fortune and Raging Bull) are now calculating playthru at 60 percent instead of 40 percent (yes they switched it, how shady!!!) I took videos to prove it. I have these videos and will put them on YouTube.
Schalk will no longer answer questions about playthru. Here are some excepts from the conversation:

Schalk: The coupon's calculation is automatic. If the coupon shows 35X it will generate the wager based on the requirement.
Me: Understood
Me: but the calculation in the system is wrong
Me: here, can you see my balance right now
Me: $400.03
Me: here's what I will do
Me: my playthru is $1,919.88

(keep in mind I met the playthru based on every $1 slot play = $1 wagers)

Me: I'm going to do a 1 dollar spin
Me: on Achilles
Me: just did it
Me: my balance is $399.03
Me: now this time it's calculating differently
Me; My playthru is $1,919.28

I did another spin here to prove my point.
Me: ... now it took 60 cents off
Me: and prior to my playing today, it was doing 40 cents per $1, not 60 cents
Me: so it's still incorrectly calculating
Schalk: Nothing has changed on the coupon since last you played. Remember we can't remove the coupon without you losing the balance.
Now he said nothing changed but it obviously did. I played through $3,242.60 and then some, but still have wagering requirements!
I told him I recorded the entire calculation. I did so on the sister casino Raging Bull as well. These videos show my starting balance, playthru requirement, $1 spin, and resulting playthru requirement after spin.
Now the conversation gets sour. I told Schalk I was going to contact AskGamblers (amongst others like the gaming authority) regarding this clear cheat by the casino.
Me: you guys admit the calculation is wrong
Me: and then come back and say some nonsense about the coupon and can’t fix it
Me: well, here we are, you guys can’t fix the calculation issue, and you are going to penalize me knowing the playthru is wrong
Me: rather than pay the man for doing what was required of the bonus
Me: You are going to attempt to cheat me out of winnings
Schalk: I offered you a cashback. I remember that. Not because of the coupon. But based on your play, and of you lost your money. I remember the conversation.
Now I ask this, does that even make any sense?? I didn’t lose any money when he offered this. Schalk was going to give that to me for losing my balance (which I would not do), knowing damn well I won fair & square and met the terms and conditions. In fact, I’m pretty sure I’m ahead a bit at Grand Fortune on one small win because I hadn’t even played here enough to qualify as a big player. I make $21 deposits, the smallest denomination you can do. What is he talking about here??
I continue to ask him how playthru is calculated and he would no longer answer. I asked him how much the wager requirements were, he didn’t answer. I asked him if $1 wagers = $1 in slot play over and over again. I asked him about my example and video showing all of this. He said I was trying to sway the conversation into an agreement and told me he would not answer the question. I had to video the entire conversation into my iphone … for some reason I could not cut and paste our last conversation like all the others. But I have proof of the entire conversation.
I just want to be paid fair and square for meeting the playthru requirements at Grand Fortune (and Raging Bull). Instead I was cheated, and the casino manager obviously wouldn’t answer questions about playthru and calculation because he knows it’s wrong. He keeps saying its all in the terms and conditions of the coupon, but it has nothing to do with the coupon. I addressed it with him over and over, and while he understood the issue, he wouldn’t acknowledge it two weeks later. The fact is that the playthru count on slots has mysteriously changed from 40 percent to 60 percent just recently (maybe yesterday or today). But it’s still not at 100 percent as listed on the website and as informed by online representatives. I’m guessing this impacts all player accounts, but the fact that they do this at 2 casinos indicates foul play. The fact that they knowingly change it indicates foul play. The fact that the manager offers me money because of the coupon issue when I have balances and met the playthru indicates foul play. The fact that he comes back later and says he offered it to me because I lost indicates foul play.
I am completely disgusted as a player. They take my deposits. They cheat on the bonuses by purposely miscalculating. How long have they done this for? How many players have been impacted? I believe they may have been cheating other players as well. But I will not be cheated. I want an apology and I want to be paid, and I think the casino owes other people an apology as well. Who knows who else they’ve done this to …

posted on February 20, 2015.

Dear PlaytheSlots.

Please accept my sincere apologies for the poor experience which you have encountered at both Grand Fortune and Raging Bull. Being in the online game for close to 15 year now, I take pride in aligning myself with an honest and transparent operation and can promise that there was no malicious intent behind the promotional offer. A detailed investigation will done to determine what went wrong. Please afford me the opportunity to look into this matter and I promise to revert with positive feedback asap.

I appreciate your time and patience in this regard.

Best Regards
Operations Manager

posted on February 20, 2015.

Hi Jason,

I appreciate your feedback. You've earned a good reputation up until this discovery and I would like to believe that you, as operations manager, hold all of your employees to the highest ethical standards. While the issue may not be your entire operation, I firmly believe your casino manager, who I also understand is in charge of VIP players (at least told so on the phone with one of your customer service agents), is purposely cheating them. I was in contact with a small handful of players on this issue and one player I had recommended advised that your manager switched playthru calculations in the middle of a coupon. He was calculating them significantly below 100%. He told the player to log out and log back in. Suddenly slots were calculating at 100%. Not good. In fact, this is very bad. I've tested this time and time again myself for two weeks, and have taken digital videos clearly and specifically showing uncontested examples that both casinos have been doing this to me. Your manager, knowing I met the playthru requirements, told me that he could not fix the problem in the middle of a "wonko" coupon yet he was able to for another player that had not even come close. Later on, he then denied it even happened. He basically buried his own grave on this and then tried to bribe me while I was doing well with my winnings. He later claimed to give it to me because of my losses but the thing is, I didn't have any losses at the time. In fact, I was ahead of the casino, and as of today i still sit with these additional winnings in my account. As I stated to your manager, I will be happy to provide this evidence to Ask Gamblers for review along with every conversation related to this matter.

My total current uncashed winnings at your casinos total slightly above $1,100. After bonus deductions and withdrawal fees, this will bring my cashable winnings to somewhere between $850 and $900. At this point, I just want to get paid what I am owed. Since I met the playthru requirements, there should be no debate.

As for the future of my gambling at your casinos, the relationship is severed as long as your current manager Schalk is running your business. I will not back down from my claim that he is purposely cheating players based on conversations and his actions to me and other players, but that is an internal issue that you will have to deal with. Such managers are bad for business and the players and affiliates that do business with you. I only question how long this has been going on before this would eventually catch up with him.

I look forward to your response.

Thank you Jason.

Best Regards,

posted on February 21, 2015.

Dear AskGamblers,

I have been contacted by the casino and they have agreed to settle this matter amicably. However, please kindly do not close out this complaint until further advised. Once the casino fulfills its agreed upon obligation as provided in our conversation and email, I will contact you on this board to advise that such agreement has been fulfilled. Please stay tuned ...

posted on February 24, 2015.

This complaint will stay open until we get a confirmation from a player.

posted on February 25, 2015.

Dear AskGamblers,

Grand Fortune Casino (as well as its sister site Raging Bull) have compensated me in full for meeting the terms and conditions of the bonus codes. I will say that despite my recent experience, their operations manager Jason has been exceptionally professional and courteous in handling my complaint. I do believe that his responses and actions demonstrate that both Grand Fortune and Raging Bull will hold their staff accountable for ensuring honesty and ethical treatment of players going forward. As such, and to my disbelief in saying this, I am planning to leave my account open at both casinos so that I may continue playing and depositing with their brands.

Thank you Jason. And Thank you AskGamblers for ensuring that my comments reached the right contact person. Without you, I do not believe that my efforts would have resulted in such an immediate, amicable resolution.

Best Regards,