Lincoln Casino - Does not respect their own Terms and Conditions

ThankYouAG Serbia
posted on August 4, 2016.


i thought i will never do this, but there is always the first time.

I opened account with Lincoln casino few months ago, with idea to try them with free, no deposit, bonus offered. Everything looked nice, games available, free bonus, free slot tournaments, but some problems showed at same begin, and something common for all problems is that they do not respect their own terms and conditions. Please, read bellow...

First, system didn't accept offered code for no deposit. Then i came to live support and asked about it. If you are interested in to, you can see attachment as short part of our communication in that chat session:

At the end, i said that i will complain about that, and guess what - my country of residence wasnt problem anymore, and i received free bonus of 15$.
If i loosed it, i would not have any more problems with them, but another problem started when i turn it in maximum of 150$ winnings, with wagering req done.

I requested withdrawal after confirmation that wagering is done, and after day or two i received mail from them that verification is needed, and they are asking for some documents.
If complaint team is interested in, i have whole mail communication ready to send, as there is so many mails and so many disrespects on me as person, and on words i said. Their security department just keep sending almost the same mail.

Shortly, i sent to them following documents:
-Drivers Licence
-Telephone Bill on my name dated on 2 last months
and days after they were not satisfied with quality of Drivers Licence scan, i sent photo of
-Personal ID with all needed details (photo, name, surname, date of birth, street address, etc...)

They accepted it, verified it, but now, they asked me to send photo of me holding my ID near my face, what i have never done, and i will never do.
If you read their terms, there is no single line where they say something like that can be requested.
Here is copy/paste of only line about documents they can request, from Lincoln Terms and Conditions:
"The Company reserves the right to request proof of a Player's age at any time."
Proof of players age is one thing, and photo of your self holding your id next to your face is something other, nowhere stated. If it was stated, i will never open any account with them.
For me, story about verification begining and finishing at this point. You can ask whatever you want for someone verification, but please, put it in terms, and let someone to decide do he/she wants to have anything with you or not.

All in all, they have bill on my name, drivers licence which doesnt meet their criteria of quallity, and personal ID which was verified and accepted, but still keep asking for more and more, just not to pay.

After month, or more, i almost forgot on my winnings, and finally realised why land based casinos are much better option then online, in the world full of unfair and untrustable companies, ready just to take a profit, but not to pay to their winners.

The most important thing here is to respect Terms and Conditions, and if casino expect it from players side, it must be respected from casino side even more.

Apologies on long post, and kind regards to Lincoln mail support team which was full of understandings and threat me as a person in whole process, what cant be said for their security department and some manager.

With a hope this will help me to receive my lucky winnings, or, in another side, help to another players to decide where will they open theirs account and what can expect when comes to rare point of cashout.

posted on August 5, 2016.

Good Day,

I am Dylan. I am the casino rep for Lincoln Casino.
I am sorry to hear about this, however these are measures that have to be taken to ensure the safety of all our customers and the casino as well.

These procedures are usually handled as quickly as possible. However in this particular case, all documents provided were viewed as suspicious which is quite a rear occurrence. Please contact our security department so this issue can be resolved. I will contact them myself in efforts to have this issue dealt with more swiftly.

I am sorry this is taking so long and such request are being made, however it is required for the safety of all clients

I will ask security to look out for your email. Have a good day.

Best Regards,

ThankYouAG Serbia
posted on August 5, 2016.

Dear Dylan,

thank you for fast reaction.

Unfortunately, things you wrote are not 100% true. Let me copy/paste* part of your msg, and please, take a look of picture attached to this reply as my evidence.

* "However in this particular case, all documents provided were viewed as suspicious..."
(see attachment)

And on second place, i was on mail communication with Lincoln security department for a month. I sent to them many e-mails, trying to solve this situation at that point and to meet their requests, but treatment i received from them is far away from expected. Result - we are here.
There were situations where support and security team said that just ID is needed, and if i send it, everything will be fine, and withdrawal processed....and when it happened and i sent it, some new requests from nowhere jumps out.

At the end, speaking about your security department requests - casino is free to request any kind of evidence, but put that info in TERMS AND CONDITIONS, so players can decide are they fine with your possible requests or not.

I will repeat only line on this subject from your t and c:
"The Company reserves the right to request proof of a Player's age at any time."
Even if there is no word about players address, just age, i sent to your security department three documents.
The one reviewed, and approved by your security team (see attachment) contains:
-self picture
-date of birth
-street address and number
-...and even more personal details

So please, act fairly and accordingly to your own terms and conditions. Nothing more or less.

I will write short mail to them, but not interested to polite anymore in mail communication, as i said what i have several times.
Will be happy to inform community about our progress, if it happen.

Thank you one more time for really fast reaction.

Kind regards

ThankYouAG Serbia
posted on August 5, 2016.


i forgot to add print-screen as attachment, so here it is.

ThankYouAG Serbia
posted on August 8, 2016.

Good day,

Just keeping informing about this case...

I have sent mail, as advised by Dylan, the same day (Friday, 05 Aug, 10:56 PM), but unfortunately, still without any response/payment received/whatever.
Also, no response from Lincoln representative on my last msg/print-screen here.
I believe its because weekend days, and some really busy Monday behind us.

With a hope we will solve this in manner of fair play,

Kind regards

posted on August 9, 2016.

Good Day,

I hope you are well.

I requested an update from our Rick department and spoke with them again. The last email we received from you was on the 28th of last month. Can you please resend the email you sent last Friday.

Regarding your documents, the reason you are requested send a picture of you holding your ID is that the scanned copy of the ID you sent (drivers license) had no corners. In other words it was not your regular shaped ID. The corners seemed to have been removed or altered in some way. You were also asked to send the back copy of this ID, which you never did.

This process is usually very quick and efficient. As I mentioned it is to protect all our customers and our company as well. It is not, and have never been a problematic procedure and is one used by all casinos online. As I mentioned this is usually a quick process and once all docs are received your request will be handled in a timely manner.

Please provide our Risk department the documents requested. The back copy the ID you sent initially and a picture holding the ID you sent. Unfortunately this request by Risk has to be honored dew to the way your initial photo ID was sent.

Please respond directly to Risk so we can take care of this immediately.

Best regards,

ThankYouAG Serbia
posted on August 9, 2016.

Dear Dylan,

you are continuing this communication just in the manner of employed in Casino Lincoln does it with me in mail.
Keep telling one story, without any comment on what i said and my evidences on your words wasnt truth. Like nothing happened.

First you said all my documents were suspicous, and when i post print screen of mail which shows your words are not pure true, no excuse or any explanation.
What with that, dear Dylan?
Also, no words on any print-screens in first mail, again like nothing happened.

Secondly, if you have document (both sides, corners and hands holding it included) with all needed details (mentioned in previous msgs), that would be more then enough for verification something you stated in your terms and conditions. Let me remind you on only line about it your in t&c:
"The Company reserves the right to request proof of a Player's age at any time."

I sent it - you security department "received, reviewed and approved".

There is no reason to speak about drivers licence because two reasons:
1. I already explained it to your security dep about it, and you know it
and most important
2. You have approved personal document with more then enough needed self details

All in all, a lot of untruth and "lack of information" in your lines. Like you and your security dep working in different companies. Thats something i already survived in mail communication with Lincoln Casino company about this unproccessed payment.
Thats something i find far away from fair, and so disrespectfull, like we (players) are all confused without any brain to see whats going on.
No one from Lincoln Casino didnt receive any mail from me in last days, what do you say?
Again, very interesting... (find print screens attached)

I sent more documents then to any other online bookma­ker­/ca­sin­o/s­krill. Thats it, i will not send nothing else, and will not polite any single word more in mail communication on this subject. We will (or not) solve everything in public, so other can see how you threat players and how you changing subjects and arguments from msg to msg.

One more time, I am calling Lincoln Casino to respect their own Terms and Conditions, and to pay to player who had luck, won some small amount with no deposit, and provide requested document for age verification, which Lincoln Casino security department approved.

"The Company reserves the right to request proof of a Player's age at any time."
I already sent - your department approved it. Story finished. Easy as that.
Now, just one more thing which, judging on these pages at a lot of online casinos does not like to do - pay their winners.

Please, find evidences attached.

Kind regards

posted on August 10, 2016.

Good Day,

I do understand this is a bit frustrating at times. However we are trying to help you. We actually are trying to pay you.

We have never had an issue with paying our customers once all requested information is received. And the few cases where there were issues, we have tried our very best to help our customers get paid and have paid them all.

This situation is unique as the photo ID received appears to have been tampered with. And in cases where document tampering or altering is suspected further request have to be made unfortunately. If you simply honor the request of our Risk department, your payment will be on its way.

We are a very reputable organization. Our customers are valued and honored. We respect our customers. We have to protect all our customers and ourselves.
Please email our Risk department with the requested documents so we can speedily process your payment.

Have a good day.

Best regards,

ThankYouAG Serbia
posted on August 10, 2016.

Dear Dylan,

thank you for your response.

I already explained to your colleagues from security department about drivers license. I am sure you are already informed about it, but in case you are not, feel free to ask them.

But please, point is somewhere else. Lets try to make this simple as it is.

Just three simple questions for you, as Lincoln rep here:

1.What your terms and conditions says about documents Lincoln can request from players? (feel free to put here everything what is stated in t&c on this subject)

2. Does Lincoln already have my personal ID, clear photo, with all corners, in color, both side, with all needed details (photo, name, address plus many more)? Say if something of these details is missing on received ID.

3. If Lincoln received, did your security department review and approved it?

Kindly ask you to response straight to the questions, without any complication, with idea everyone who is interested in it can understand.

Best regards

ThankYouAG Serbia
posted on August 12, 2016.

Dear Dylan, dear AskGamblers,

It is interesting to see how so many times takes to answer on three really simple questions. :)
Companies which respect their customers and care about them, as said, does not works in that manner. They will do their best to solve any possible problem in shortest period of time.

On the another side, reputable companies keeps their words just in borders of truth. We saw here your few claims was far away from it, and proves were attached as evidences.
Mistake cane be once, but several times in few msgs, its some other story.

I will post again two pictures which should prove my words, with a hope i will receive apologies, and of course, payment of my winnings i am waiting over a month.

Also, three questions from my previous post still stands, and we are waiting for simple answers. Thank you in advance.

Maybe whole this story is one big misunderstanding, as you can see in attachments that my ID was successfully verified and approved by your security department.
I hope that we will solve this now, so complaint can be closed and marked as solved...


posted on August 15, 2016.

Good Day,

Please understand that we are trying to assist you. We requested specific items on multiple occasions over the past month, due to the nature of the initial documents you submitted. These initial documents appeared to have been tampered with, which is extremely serious. As a result you were asked to submit further documents which is the right course of action in such cases.
We are actually trying our best to pay you, as most companies would have handled such cases very differently.

The email you submitted in your previous reply was also not complete. As you know, you were asked to submit further information in that email. We are not sure why this is so difficult as this could have been over quite some time ago. Unfortunately, these are the steps taken in such situations where suspicious documents are concerned. We have been trying to handle this as quickly as possible, requesting the same specific documents for quite some time now. As long as the information requested by security is received your payment will be processed and sent out.

Please see below the entire email sent to you below, as you only pasted the first line in your previous response to this blog;

Security Team Response:

Dear A....,

I wish to advise you that your ID card has been received, reviewed and approved.

To approve your withdrawal we still need:

- a photo of you holding this ID

- or, in case you are still not willing to provide us such photo, the clear pictures (corner included) of the front and back of the driver license that you sent scanned without corners in the first email.

Please note that, as per our casino manager decision, your withdrawal will not be approved until one of these two request is fullfilled.



Casino Risk Management


Please submit the requested information so we can further assist you. We are trying our best to assist you, however as a result of the condition your initial documents were submitted these steps have to be taken.

Best Regards,

ThankYouAG Serbia
posted on August 15, 2016.

Hello Dylan,

nice to see you after five (5) days. Can we try to finish with this as soon as possible, so to give our best to response more frequently. I am trying, as you can see...

Firstly you said all of my documents were suspicious (that is why cut mail, to prove you are not telling truth here), and now you changed your story.

However, I am still calling you to make this as simple as possible, so i will copy/paste my first, unanswered question, as last two of them i found answered with your last post.

1. What your terms and conditions says about documents Lincoln can request from players? (feel free to put here everything what is stated in t&c on this subject)

Or if you already got the point:
Where exactly its written that Lincoln can anytime request photo of person holding its ID near his face, or anything like that?

If i missed it, but it exist somewhere in text of Terms and Conditions, i would like to apologies to Lincoln, you can close my account and keep my winnings, and this complaint should be marked as resolved, as i am not even thinking about making this kind of pictures.

I think this is fair enough, what do you say, dear Dylan?

But i am afraid all i read there is that "The Company reserves the right to request proof of a Player's age at any time.", what you received and approved.
So if this is true, how it is possible that you are asking for something what is outside of your Terms and Conditions?

"Unfortunately, these are the steps taken in such situations where suspicious documents are concerned" - great, but put that in your Terms and Conditions :)

I verified with no problem my Skrill account i provided to Lincoln as address for payment. There is no sense that someone have fine ID, but tamper, or whatever, other documents.

I am tired of whole process after over a month, many times many documents and mails sent. 150$ is not worth of it.
This should be lesion for me, and people like me, why online casinos are much more different then land based, and when it comes to cash out point, you almost can do nothing if you are in virtual casino which does not mind about their own terms, and keep requesting something what is not stated there.
That is why these pages are full of posts, and all of us can just imagine how much there are players which does not know for AskGamblers, so their problems with online casinos stayed in their hearts.


posted on August 16, 2016.

Dear @ThankYouAG,

AskGamblers Complaints Team could understand player's frustration and disappointment of being left to wait for hours or days from the aforementioned casino brand before they review and verify the account, we would like to remind player that each and every online casino has the exclusive right to determine and apply its own verification policy and procedures depending on the requirements set within their licensing agreement. Unfortunately, AskGamblers Complaints Team is not able to influence such verification policy in any way.

Please try to cooperate with a casino support and send them required verification documents so you can be able to withdraw your winnings.

posted on August 19, 2016.

Dear @ThankYouAG,

Please let us know if there's an update regarding your ongoing complaint. Please keep in mind that you are supposed to reply within the given 96-hours time frame, otherwise AskGamblers Complaints Team will consider the case as Resolved and it will be closed accordingly.
Thank you for your cooperation.