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Pots of Luck Casino - Withdrawal delayed by two weeks, no reason given


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Pots of Luck Casino


£ 250

Posted on June 7, 2021

I have been a verified customer for more than a year now. On 26.05.21 I have requested a withdrawal of £250.

I don’t play using bonuses so there is never any wagering. After a week I have spoke to chat operator and was told this will be looked into and I will be notified. I was the first one to get in touch and ask why there is nothing happening and why no one has informed me there is a issue. I was turned away saying we will let you know once we know. I have contacted the casino every other day from the day of withdrawal as no communication came from them at all.

2 weeks later after no communication I have filed an official complaint. I have got a response within the 2 days time frame, which response from the manager told me exactly the same as the operator from the chat. We are looking into this and will update you once we have a resolution. As a verified played I have never had an issue like this.

I am attaching the responses I have got from the manager and from the operator. I was told the response team is separate from the chat which I don’t understand how can there be no communication.

No communication from the casino as to why my money hasn’t been paid out or when it will be paid out. I am being told th casino cannot guarantee a response time. No reason no time frame.

I would like to receive my money as there is already a two weeks delay. Casino claims check can take up to 3 days. This is way over. I also want a valid reason as to why it has been delayed for two weeks now. I want to know when I will receive my money after being with the casino for over a year and being a verified customer.

Kind regards