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Pots of Luck Casino - Delayed withdrawal


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Pots of Luck Casino


£ 2090

Posted on February 8, 2021

Good afternoon,

I’m looking for some clarification if anyone can assist.

I submitted a withdrawal request on my Pots Of Luck account on 28/1 for £2090 (won on Monopoly Megaways, no bonus play or vpn use).

On 1/2 I received an email asking to upload documents and verify my account. This was understandable as it’s an industry regulation, however the timing seemed peculiar. I have withdrawn almost £1300 in the last 6 weeks, including a £750 withdrawal on 26/12. It is only now that I request a withdrawal of this size that I’m asked to verify the account.

I uploaded the verification documents as soon as I received the email, and allowed the 3 working days for the documents to be processed. After contacting Pots Of Luck support team via email on 3/2, I was told to wait until the end of the next working day for the verification to be completed.

4/2 rolls around, no contact from the casino and no sign of activity.

I contacted the support team again, outlining my concerns about the delay in processes. I was then told that they’d raise the issue with the relevant team to review. No deadline was given, and by this stage the casino have gone past their outlined timescale for completing the verification process and processing my withdrawal.

The nature of the support team’s responses, whilst polite, have been non-committal and dismissive, and I’m concerned this is being intentionally delayed.

For reference, I also play on 3 other Nektan sites, have requested withdrawals totalling more than my POL account, and have not been asked to verify on those accounts for the withdrawal to be processed.

Has anyone else faced similar issues with this network, and if so how was your case resolved?

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you