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Pots of Luck Casino - 4 weeks since withdrawal but no money received


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Pots of Luck Casino


£ 500

Posted on July 3, 2021

On Friday the 4th June I withdrew £500, on Sunday the 6th I received an email asking for documents, which isn't unusual, I replied straight away with the relevant documents..was given a time scale of 3-5 days for "the team" to review. I have emailed countless times, asking what is happening, even asking to talk directly to "the team" but have received no answers to anything, instead being constantly told that they will email with updates when they have them..nobody has emailed me with an update in 4 weeks..and I'm still waiting for my withdrawal to be processed.. also an agent called Dominic put a self exclusion on my account without my agreement. so I can't even check on progress anymore. I have been constantly fobbed off with excuses and have had no answers to any questions I've asked. I'm not a new customer and am exhausted with trying to get my money paid. I really hope you can help..I'm at my wit's end. I have attached only 3 of many emails that I have received, all saying the same thing..still waiting for updates?