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Playamo Casino - Refused to pay out $12,500 dollars in winnings and closed my account for 'fraud'

Soyjin Victoria
posted on October 2, 2018.

So i recently decided to try my luck at online Casinos I googled a little bit and found that Playamo was a recommended online casino, so i decided to try it out. I deposited $750 dollars AUD and played evolution gamings roulette. I played a while and turned that $750 AUD to $12,500 AUD (betting history will be attatched). So i decided to cashout and I waited a while since I read some comments on ASKGAMBLERS that it would take a few working days to receive.

So today on Melbourne time GMT + 10 Tuesday 2nd October around 1 am I got an email saying my withdrawal was declined and also another email saying that my account will be closed by administrative decision due to fraud and that it will not be discussed any further. Not know what happened I went to check my account and ask what happened. The first time I opened their support chat and asked they gave me the same message saying it will not be discussed and closed the chat on me. Then i checked account said I have $686 in my account balance and that a cash out of $11,814 dollars was accepted. So i tried to cashout my remaining $686 dollars in my account balance and a few minutes later I get an email saying Sorry withdrawals to Mastercard not support. Alternatively you can use bank transfer option or VISA. So i went to ask support again if Mastercard isn't accepted how is my cash out of $11,814 AUD accepted? They gave me a repeat of that fraud message and I told them that i understood and asked them what will happen to the accepted withdrawal. They said "You will only get my deposits back please use bank transfer or visa to cashout." So what my deposits are $686 AUD? the money left in my balance is less than that of the $750 I deposited. The support team of Playamo casino is not helpful no matter how polite you are. All i want is to cash out my deposit and my winnings and why I committed fraud but they wouldn't give me an answer. They labeled the $11,814 as accepted however it is not in my account. I still haven't provided them with bank details or a visa card yet so how could that $11,814 be accepted, this is an abuse of power. I'm afraid they'll close the account quickly once i do provide them with a visa or bank account so i lose all proof and they give me the $686 in my balance back which isn't fair and they shouldn't be able to take my deposit and my winnings with no explanation at all.

Below Listed are attachements that will be sent to the askgamblers support team:
- Gambling history on the roulette game x4 images
- Cashout and Deposit History on Play Amo Website
- Play Amo Account Balance Page
- Play Amo Profile Page
- Bank account Deposit History
- Current Bank Account Balance and deposit history.
- Playamo email Ticket 1 (Ticket #NU1GB: Account) informing me of the closing of account due to fraud
- Playamo email Ticket 2 (Ticket #WSHT7: master card) informing me of mastercard not supported
- Playamo Chat Transcript
- Playamo Documents and Verification Page

Soyjin Victoria
posted on October 2, 2018.

To all whom is reading this, I took my time writing this because I have decided to take action upon this casino and it’s unfairness. Also so all people who come here can see what Playamo truly is and so that you don’t have to go through what I went through. You don’t have to read it all but I urg you to that you try your luck in another casino. I have been all but fair and kind to the support team the website. But this is truly outrageous.

I just got a reply from the casino saying that my fraudulent actions were due to me developing a strategy to win and that is considered unfaithful winning and $11,814 of my winnings including some of my deposit is confiscated due to that. I had to go to my lawyers and push the casino for this reply. If developing a strategy means betting on your favourite and lucky numbers of your star sign and Chinese calendar birth year is considered a strategy then you would have confiscated many players winnings. How is that faithful? How is just because a player wins big means they used a strategy and so that is fraud and considered unfaithful without first looking into it further and providing the person with proof? What is the meaning of strategy? How broad can that word be? And by being so broad you could have already confiscated hundreds of players money and how is that faithful and not fraudulent? Let me give you one example of how your casino is fraudulent and trying to rip people off of their money. Beware of the Playamo casino ‘bonus’ terms and conditions and do not accept the bonuses because it comes with a catch. So this is how I got into this casino in the first place the first and second deposit bonuses. I deposited $500 AUD for my first deposit and $250 for my second deposit. After I received the bonuses I continued to play without know the terms and conditions. I won up to 6,855 in roulette and decided I should cash out. But when I went to do it it constantly got declined. I went to ask support and they said that I have to meet the wager requirements first before I could cash out. The terms and conditions states that the wager requirements is l determined by x50 of your original deposits amount. In my case this was 500x50= 25,000 on my first and 250x50= 12,500 on my second. But in the terms and conditions it also states that the maximum bet in my country is $6.5 dollars AUD which means I have to bet about 4000 times to get the first wager requirement of 25,000 that is considering the fact that I have to constantly win up to that amount as well because how can I wager 25,000 when I don’t have that amount. I decided to try and reach the wager requirement since I had nothing to do. Almost 4 hours pass of me sitting in front of my computer playing a slot machine on maximum bet of $6.5 per spin and a maximum amount of auto spins I only got through about 20% of the wager requirement so I finally decided to forfeit my bonus and my winnings of $6,855 AUD including bonus nd my original deposits and try again with my original deposits of $500+ $250 AUD. I played roulette again and manage to get lucky hitting numbers and win up to $12,500 dollars mind you I did play again and lost $3000 of my cash out of $12,000 dollars before I decided to stop after winning again to my current $12,500 amount. Again if betting your favorite numbers and stopping and controlling your desire to gamble is considered a strategy and which then leads to fraud which makes your winnings unfaithful then shouldn’t your way of implementing your bonuses, wager requirements and maximum bets considered unfaithful as well? How realistic is it to play roulette with a maximum board bet of $6.5 how is Your casino faithful to its customers when you guys determine that your winners are automatically deemed to have committed fraud? Please be aware that Playamo exists only because you have to lose and when it’s time for you to win for a change they will confiscate your winnings and just decide that it is fraud because you won.

Please provide further proof of this Playamo or further actions will be taken to ensure no one falls for your traps or enters your casino again. You don’t deserve your ask gamblers certificate of trust. And you certainly don’t deserve good ratings and the public’s trust.
You Support team are like rude auto answering machines and are very unhelpful.

Attached will be the reply I got from The playamo casino but keep in mind there still is no proof. I can tell you exactly how I played but of course the word ‘strategy’ is quite broad and can be used against all players.

Soyjin Victoria
posted on October 2, 2018.

They also said that I can withdraw my complete deposit but my current balance in the account is still $686 dollars which is not the $750 I originally deposited. They are really trying hard to avoid paying out a winner. Hands down the worst layers and casino experience i’be Ever had.

Soyjin Victoria
posted on October 3, 2018.

Dear Playamo support team,

Please provide evidence of so called ‘fraud’ play by using strategy. Also I would like to note that stating that the $64 you returned to me as a gift is false as it belongs to me in the first place and returning it does not justify confiscating my winnings. Also the $11,814 that is stated as accepted is also false. You guys manipulating the system to your favour is fraud itself. Mind you if MasterCard is not supported how on earth did I pay the deposit with it in the first place? Please give evidence and an explanation to the following questions. By this point i’m Only replying to myself and providing more proof of the fraudulent casino you are.

Best Regards,

posted on October 8, 2018.

This complaint has been reopened as per submitter's request and AskGamblers Complaints Team would like to give it one more try and help both parties involved into the dispute reaching to a satisfactory resolution.

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