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Playamo Casino - Confiscated $9000 claiming "development of strategies aimed at gaining of unfair winnings" without providing any further justification

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Playamo Casino
Reason Declined payment
Amount $ 9000
helpmeplease New South Wales Message
Posted on August 16, 2018

Hi. I made a complaint about Playamo is delaying my payments. Finally I found out that they have now cancelled all my cashouts and put my original deposit back into my account of $3000. I received an email saying that I have used a system to take advantage or something. I don't even understand what they are trying to say. I chatted with online chat several times but to no avail . they keep copying and pasting the same messages over and over. I have asked for a manager or someone uncharge to call me but they won't do it. I asked for a number to call but they won't give me a number. Basically they just rely on players to eventually lose all the money while waiting for the cash out to be approved. I have copies of all the chat and emails that they sent me. I have been cheated for 9k. I have cashed out my original $3000. Hopefully that will turn up. now they have disabled the account. Can I please request you to ask the casino for my playing history which clearly shows the turnover and how many bets I have lost. I can't see how they can even say I cheated as clearly they are the cheaters in this case. They just don't want to pay. At once I even asked the chat what if I lost all the money would they give me a refund if i say they took advantage of me. their answer was that we don't refund losses . But clearly they don't pay winnings either. All I want is my honest winnings back. I am going to complain to every bank, visa and master card to stop payment processing for this casino. I feel now that I have been scammed big time. Please help me getting my money back. I have already made commitments based on the money I had won. I will be in a lot of trouble if I don't get my money. Please please help me 

This is the chat transcript: 

Chat transcript Name: < name removed > E-mail: < email removed >.com 

Support Agent 3 Wed, 08/15/18 09:12:04 pm Australia/Victoria Hello. How may I help you? 

< name removed > 09:12:08 pm Hi I just checked my account and all my cashouts have been discarded and my balance has gone down to 3000. I had 12000 in my account 

Support Agent 3 09:13:11 pm Our Finance Department has sent you an email regarding your issue. Please check your mailbox 

< name removed > 09:13:35 pm I haven’t received any emails I just checked 

Support Agent 3 09:13:52 pm This is the text of that email: Dear Player, Our finance department has found out development of strategies aimed at gaining of unfair winnings. Meaning we have confiscated all your winnings, but we have left your deposit amount on your balance. Please make a cashout of your deposit 3000 AUD. After that your account will be closed. Best regards, Casino Support Team 

< name removed > 09:14:28 pm That’s not correct I have not done anything unfair 

Support Agent 3 09:14:43 pm Sorry, the decision is final 

< name removed > 09:14:54 pm That’s cheating 

Support Agent 3 09:14:58 pm I cannot change it anyhow 

< name removed > 09:15:08 pm How can you do that to players You have to or I’m going to court over this I will make sure all Australian banks stop processing payments for your casino Can you please get a manager to call me 09:16:06 pm All those winnings are fair and you know that 

Support Agent 3 09:16:49 pm Sorry for the inconvenience! Please contact us per email if you have any questions suppor¬≠[email protected]¬≠lay¬≠¬≠m¬†

< name removed > 09:17:07 pm I already have. Can you please give me a number to call 

Support Agent 3 09:17:17 pm No, we don't call to the clients, sorry 

< name removed > 09:17:40 pm I have sent numerous emails to proceed my cashout but no one ever replied 

Support Agent 3 09:18:07 pm The emails are replied in the queued order. Please contact us if you have some questions 

< name removed > 09:18:29 pm I think there is something fishy gourmet on with your casino. I have never encountered an issue Like this on any casinos Can you at least give me a number to call or get a manager to call me 09:19:02 pm You are basically cheating me for $9000 

Support Agent 3 09:19:30 pm Sorry, we don't have any phone number to contact us Please contact us per email if you wish 

< name removed > 09:20:00 pm Well someone needs to answer this. How would you feel if you were cheated like this That $9000 

Support Agent 3 09:20:41 pm Please contact us per email if you still have any questions. Thank you for your understanding. 

< name removed > 09:21:27 pm Now you are sounding like a broken record. Please try to understand my situation I’m not understanding 

Support Agent 3 09:22:08 pm But I cannot change anything concerning this situation I can just inform you And I have done it 

< name removed > 09:23:35 pm I have just cashed my 3000. Can you make sure this gets done ASAP 

Support Agent 3 09:24:10 pm All of our withdrawals are being checked in queued order. Don't worry, we'll get our hands on yours as soon as possible! 

< name removed > 09:24:33 pm That’s the biggest cheating I have ever come across If I lost all that money would you have refunded my $6000 09:25:13 pm 

Support Agent 3 09:25:49 pm We do not refund the money you lose. 

< name removed > 09:26:02 pm But you can take money that people win Please explain to me why have you done this 

Support Agent 3 09:26:33 pm Your money was confiscated because our finance department has found out development of strategies aimed at gaining of unfair winnings. 

< name removed > 09:26:59 pm Are you for real. I just played baccarat and blackjack as it’s played They are basically lying to avoid paying my winnings 09:27:18 pm 

Support Agent 3 09:27:25 pm It is not me who makes such decisions. I cannot tell you anything more concerning this issue. Please contact us per email if you want to speak to someone else./ 09:28:11 pm 

< name removed > 09:28:27 pm Then please get the person to who made the decision to contact me via emai or phone. Because no one is replying any emails from your casino Can you do that please 09:29:08 pm 

Support Agent 3 09:29:18 pm suppor¬≠[email protected]¬≠lay¬≠¬≠m¬†

< name removed > 09:29:42 pm I have already done that. No one replied 

Support Agent 3 09:30:53 pm Please try again 

< name removed > 09:31:26 pm Can you email me the chat transcript 

Support Agent 3 09:31:41 pm No, sorry 

Duration: 22m 22s Chat started on: https:­­//­w­w­w.p­­la­­ya­m­o.c­­om/­­en-AU E-mail from LiveChat

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