Play2Win Casino not processing my withdrawal of £100

posted on April 11, 2013.

I had deposited £100 at Play2Win casino and then wagered this full amount on a roulette bet. I want to make the facts clear so I'll clarify that my wager was £50 on Red and £50 on black. Still there was a slim chance that I could lost my entire £100 if the ball had stopped on zero.

Nevertheless, I did not lose my money on this wager and therefore my balance remained £100. Now I submitted withdrawal request of £100 to the casino and for over a month the transaction was not processed and I saw no message from them telling me why. At least ten times I used their live chat but the advisors on the chat kept telling me it was being processed by Finance. Finally I picked up the phone after a month and asked them what was happening. And then I get told by the person that I can withdraw only after I wager my deposit 1x times and that my roulette bet of 50-50 on red / black is not a valid wager.

Now I am an experienced casino player and I make sure I always read casino terms and conditions to the letter before any play. And in this case, the casino's own terms and conditions published on their website makes no mention of any such restriction. Yes it does mention that deposit has to be wagered 1x and this I did through my roulette bet. And even there you can see, it is not really a risk free bet as I could have lost money had the ball stopped on zero.

The terms and conditions of the casino are available here


Where does it say that roulette 50-50 black/red bet does not count towards a wager when determining whether deposit is wagered 1x times?

Also, I must have sent at least five emails to them and never once have they replied to me. The only time I heard anything from them was when I myself called on phone.

I have played on many other casinos and never experienced such blatant dishonest. Unless this is some genuine inadvertent oversight and they resolve this by processing my withdrawal base on this complaint, I will have to conclude that this is a thieving casino that doesn't respect its own terms and conditions.