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Planet 7 Casino - Unfairly closing my account and seizing $2000+ balance

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Planet 7 Casino
Reason Account closure
Amount $ 2000
char11kngrz United States Message
Posted on October 9, 2016

I was a memeber of this casino i had deposited with no problems or restrictions then one day i finally hit a pretty nice amount about 2000 usd when i was ready to cash out the software was acting irresponsive i contacted customer support and told me to wait 15 mins for the software to aupdate after one hour i tried logging in and i got a pop out msg stating my account has been closed and couldn't contact customer support anymore.

I dont know if planet 7, slots lv and ignition casino are affiliated but i've had nasty experiences with them. Ignition casino mailed me a check i deposited my check following their instructions and then i was told by my bank the check belonged to a closed account. After finding out their scam i tried to dispute all deposits made to this casino. This was the first incident i had with a canadian casino, i tried to contact them but they would refuse to explain why they sent a check with a closed accont. After a couple of months i tried slots lv, and the same thing happened i deposited money i won and when i tried cashing out i was told i had to contact their financial representative. I wasted several hours with them on the phone and i was told i wasn't gonna get paid until i fixed an issue i had with another canadian casino i knew they were refering to ignition casino then i tried contacting ignition casino but they refused to talk to me and i was told i was banned from their indian network of casinos, then i tried bovada and planet 7, at that point i didn't know they all were affiliated, i always use the same email account for gambling and they wouldn't refuse to accept ,y deposits but they refuse to pay when i tried to cash out. I had the same problem with slots of vegas and cool cat casino, and after this bad experiences i tried to stay away from canadian casinos and started looking for european casinos, i mean no harm im not a scammer and thats what they accuse me of, since i disputed my deposits after finding out they mailed me a check from a closed account

Posted on October 13, 2016

Dear @char11kngrz,

Please let us know if there's some update on your issue.

Posted on October 15, 2016

Upon Planet 7 Casino request to give them more time to investigate this complaint, we grant them another 96h to respond.

Posted on October 19, 2016

Hi Ricardo--

First, I must apologize for my very slow reply. Unfortunately, I've been traveling for work and I'm now just trying to get caught up while still on the road.

I'm sorry for any issues you've encountered, but I do feel I should clarify a considerable amount of your posting...

First, we are not located in Canada (never have been, never will be). We are not an 'Indian network of casinos'. We also have zero connection to Bovada and/or Ignition (this is an entirely different group of casinos, completely unrelated to us in any way, whatsoever). We have NEVER issued a check on a closed account (I am emphatic on this), although our checks DO originate from Canada.

As you've requested a refund on your deposits, this is exactly what we've done--we've initiated the refunds, which in turn, voids your winnings.

I genuinely hope this clears things up on the issues you've brought up.

All the best,


char11kngrz United States Message
Posted on October 19, 2016

i apologize for the confusion about the canadian casino, but i want to know why did you decided to foreclose my account, refuse to give details of your desicion and denied to pay my cash out request?, i was depositing you were accpeting deposits plus you never refunded my deposits i had to dispute them with my bank. And just a question, do you think its fair what you guys did to me? and you are ok refunding my deposits (disputed) rather than paying my jackpot, since my deposits were a smaller amount is was more convenient for you. i demand a little remuneration for the hassle you made me go and because you thoought i wasnt gonna fight this back you wouldnt have tried to reach me, how long ago was this? its been so many months you guys worry free while i had to outlive myself to find a way to make justice prevail. i dont want any more than what rightfully belongs to me since i didn't do anything to deserve your mis handling of my account

Posted on October 23, 2016

Hi Ricardo,

Tawni is currently traveling and will be unable to look into this or respond until Tuesday. I will l advise her of your post, first thing Tuesday. I didn't want this complaint to expire before your issue is addressed, so you're just stepping in to reply.



char11kngrz United States Message
Posted on October 29, 2016

so what's going on? i understand you guys are busy but come on why don't you answer or try to solve this issue.

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