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Palace of Chance Casino - Payout was authorized by not sent yet

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Palace of Chance Casino
Reason Delayed payment
Amount $ 500
babykakkes South Africa Message
Posted on January 7, 2017

I had a payout in the amount of $500.00 authorized on November 4, 2016. I was told by POC that even though I had approved documentation on file, I had to resubmit my documentation as it was approved 6 months ago and the documentation needs to be renewed every 6 months. I followed the instructions on the form and submitted the documentation several times to the documentation processing email addresses on the POC form provided. With no response, I contacted POC and they provided me with a different email address to send it to. Still with no response to my documents, I contact POC and again and they gave me yet another email address to submit my documents to. My major concern is they gave me four different email addresses to send my personal information to and have no idea where my personal info is going. I finally went on "chat" and Gibson told me to send the documentation to proces¬≠sin¬≠[email protected]¬≠ala¬≠ceo¬≠fch¬≠anc¬≠ema¬≠il.com (see "chat" transcript below), ANOTHER different email address. I am not sure if this site is a scam to acquire my personal information, and have no idea who is receiving my personal information via email. I find this EXTREMELY disturbing.
Please assist, it has been over two months, and no one will help me at POC, I just keep getting the run around.

Please wait for a Palace of Chance agent to respond.
Thank you for using our LiveChat Service. This is 'Gilson'. Please verify your Email and Username so that I can assist you.
bxxxxxs: Hi Gibson, could you kindly tell me the status of my withdraw? It was approved November 4, 2016, but i have heard nothing back on the status of payment.
bxxxxxs: this is for palace of chance
Gilson: let me check your account
bxxxxxxs: ok, thank you
Gilson: your withdrawal has been escalated on the 12/25 due to holiday period we had some delay with the processing but it will be process in the next few days
bxxxxxxs: ok, does it show that my documentation was received? I sent it in several times, they kept giving me different email addresses.
bxxxxxxxs: to send it to.
Gilson: which email they told you last time?
bxxxxxxxs: manage¬≠[email protected]¬≠ala¬≠ceo¬≠fch¬≠anc¬≠eem¬≠ail.com
bxxxxxxxs: Prior to that
bxxxxxxxs: suppor¬≠[email protected]¬≠ala¬≠ceo¬≠fch¬≠anc¬≠ema¬≠il.com
Gilson: the right email is proces¬≠sin¬≠[email protected]¬≠ala¬≠ceo¬≠fch¬≠anc¬≠ema¬≠il.com
bxxxxxxxs: i sent to ccproc¬≠ess¬≠ing¬≠@pa¬≠lac¬≠eof¬≠cha¬≠nce.com and credit¬≠car¬≠[email protected]¬≠cas¬≠ino¬≠sup¬≠por¬≠tce¬≠nte¬≠r.com those are what is on the form. Are you saying none of these email addresses were correct?
bxxxxxxxs: is there a way to check if anyone is receiving this information? I have been given four different email addresses, and it appears all are wrong?
Gilson: the right email is proces¬≠sin¬≠[email protected]¬≠ala¬≠ceo¬≠fch¬≠anc¬≠ema¬≠il.com
Gilson: if you send now i can check
bxxxxxxxs: send it to proces¬≠sin¬≠[email protected]¬≠ala¬≠ceo¬≠fch¬≠anc¬≠ema¬≠il.com?
bxxxxxxxs: I just sent it.

Gilson: Thank you so much for your patience. I will be right back with you.
bxxxxxxxs: did you receive it?
Gilson: cheking now
Gilson: yes received them
bxxxxxxxs: so are my documents approved?
Gilson: no,for that it takes between 24-48 hours

bxxxxxxs: ok, i will check back. thank you.

Posted on January 11, 2017

Hi Babykakkes--

First, I'd like to apologize for all the frustration you've been through with this.

We recently moved from Costa Rica to Europe and unfortunately, not all of our support staff is as up-to-speed as they should be. I'm not making excuses, as this is something we absolutely need to get a grip on, quickly. I can assure you that no one is trying to 'scam' you in any way for private information. We're just not handling customer service in an informed way in some instances.

Unfortunately, I'm not in the office at the moment--I'll be in tomorrow morning (Wednesday) and when I get in, I'll be sure to check your account to see exactly what the status is. As soon as I have that information, I'll be back to update this thread and help in every way possible to see this resolved.

All the best,


babykakkes South Africa Message
Posted on January 13, 2017

The complaint has been resolved. Thank you so much, i dont think Palace of Chance would have ever responded without your assistance.

Posted on January 13, 2017

Based on submitter's last post AskGamblers Complaints Team consider this case as Resolved and it is officially closed now.

Thank you all for your cooperation.

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