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Palace Of Chance Casino - Final Payments not received

posted on April 17, 2014.

I am still missing 2500 and 1865 final payments from Palace of Chance casino.

They tried to sent me a check, but later called me to tell me it was a bad check but I already tried to cash it and my bank charged me for it!

I tried to contact them and let them know I never received the 2500 and 1865 of my last payments but I haven't got any response.

I don't understand why they have to mail me the checks instead of paying to my ewallet?

Checks always gets lost, and sometimes bad checks are issued! it is so confusing.

Now I have moved and I have a new address.

Hope Palace of chance can make me my last 2 payments to my e-wallet or to my new address. Please contact me and I will give my new address to u.

posted on April 24, 2014.

Hi Ontchai,

I've done some digging and to say the least, this has been fairly complicated...

In August last year, you contacted us stating you never received the two checks we sent ($2500 and $865). We stopped payment on both those checks and replaced them with two new checks (one for $2500 and the next for $1865, which included your last pending withdrawal of $865). Although you stated you did not receive the checks, you DID attempt to cash the two checks (we have scanned copies of these). As a result, a stop payment was placed on the two replacement checks.

The only amount left owing as of now is your last withdrawal of $1000, but this is where things become a bit more difficult: Because of the number of issues you've had, our processor is now unwilling to furnish any further bank transactions for you. This now limits us to paying you via Western Union or Moneygram, as we have no other alternate processors to handle this in Canada.

I have sent you an email outlining what it is we'll require to complete this last withdrawal.


posted on April 25, 2014.

Hi, Sorry I don't fully understand. So are you going to send me 4365 via western union or moneygram?

Yes, I tried to cash those checks but it is bad check. I got a call from your support agent telling me the checks are bad and tell me not to cash it. I never got the money.

So all in all, I am still missing 4365 and not 1000.

Thanks for your help. Hope you can get back to me asap/

posted on April 26, 2014.

Hi Ontchai,

No--we will not be sending you $4365. You had contacted us previously stating you never received your payments. We stopped payment on those checks, and re-issued the payments, only to find you did indeed cash the first checks. We have the scanned copies to verify this. Once it was found that you had cashed the original checks, stop payments were placed on the second set of checks.

At this point, the only monies owed to you is $1000, which we will pay via Moneygram or Western Union, as I discussed in the email I've sent to you.


posted on April 29, 2014.

Hi there,

Are you sure? Because the according to my records, I tried to deposit the money at the bank, and the check was later returned as NSF or BAD cheque. Can you please try once more to find out with the department please, because I am sure it will be on record, and the amount that is missing is 4365 and not 1000. Hope you understand. Please help me look one last time and make sure PLEASE.

thanks so much for your help and kindness

posted on May 2, 2014.

Hi Ontchai,

Yes, I'm absolutely positive. I have emailed you copies of the scanned checks as proof, as well as sent this to management here at Ask Gamblers for verification.

I hope this sums things up,


posted on May 5, 2014.

Hi there

I went through my bank statement.

The last check that I received was for 1865.02 and not 2500 and 865.02. I did not cash the 2500 and 865.02.

The 1865.02 that I have received is a bounced check. You can check your records, it reads USD RET CHQ 1865.02. I deposited that check in my bank but it did not go through. The amount was deducted from my account on Dec, 05,2013. I can send my statement if u want to see.

posted on May 6, 2014.

Hi ontchai,

I'll try once again to explain this, although it's becoming quite frustrating:

You contacted us stating you never received the two checks--one in the amount of $865 and the other in the amount of $2500. We placed stop payments on these checks, re-issuing the checks to you, this time one for $2500 and one for $1865 (to include an additional withdrawal). Shortly after issuing this second round of checks, we learned you had CASHED the FIRST set of checks, so we initiated stop payments on the SECOND set of checks. If you have a returned check in the amount of $1865, it is because you attempted to deposit the SECOND check, which had a stop payment attached to it.

As I've stated already, we only owe you $1000 at this point and once again, I am requesting you email me your current address information, so we can set up a payment via Western Union or Moneygram.


posted on May 8, 2014.

Please inform us is this issue resolved. Thank you.