Over $800 missing from my balance at Rome Casino

posted on July 27, 2012.

June 27, When i logged in, I noticed that my account balance is $106. The last time I played before June 27 was at June 18, and i left that day with $900.29. I checked my game activity as well as my withdrawal history. There was no withdrawal made or game activity between June 18-June 27. So I contacted the Support chat. At first they told me that this happened because I maybe have not played for over 2 moths. But I told them I last played on June 18. They told me that they don't have the authority to check my game activity and such. So they told me they would contact someone that could.

July 15, I have not heard anything from Rome Casino regarding my problem. My account balance was still missing. I contacted the support chat again. This time they told me I could try to contact my account manager (Ben B). So I did just that. I emailed him telling my situation.

July 19, I have not heard anything. So i logged in to my account. Only to see my balance got reduced again. this time it is now $7. I talked with support chat about this. How I have been having this problem since June 18. How i contacted support so many times. They told me that they would contact my account manager as well.

July 27, Here I am almost a month after I first noticed my mishap. Nothing have changed. I have also not heard from the support team of any updates.

Hopefully this mishap could be resolved. New people should just be wary that the support team might be very slow to reply to any problems you may have. The support chat can only help you for minor issues or if you have any questions for them.

posted on August 4, 2012.

Hello Kryonex,

I am very sorry to hear of this, and it is very unlike our personal managers not to return an email, I will ask that your records are sent to us by the game software company so that we can resolve this.

For this I need your details, please send me your account details at: [email protected]­ome­par­tne­rs.com - with any added details you have.

We will find out what occurred and resolve this issue, you have my word on that.

Kind Regards,