Onbling Casino started paying then stopped and not responding any more

posted on December 4, 2014.

I won $11,193 at Onbling casino. When I try to cash out they ask me to verify. I give everything they ask and they verify me... then the send me only $1,000 and tell me I must do $1,000 cashout 11 times and then a $193 cashout to get all my money and I can not cash out more that one time every 7 days! They wait so long to pay me the first time if they do like that every time this is 2 or 3 weeks for every $1,000. This mean if I want all my $11,193 it will take me 3-6 month!!! This made me angry but I tell them OK I will do. I wait 7 days and do the next cash out for $1,000 like they say. I wait for my money but I get an email from them and they say I must wait 60 days for more security verification or something until I can get my second cash out. I am very angry now but I still say ok I will wait 60 more day! After 60 day I email them and they do not respond. I do not know how they can steal my money like this. I do everything I can do and I am very very very patient. I want my money and no more "verification" or scam from them to hold my money. Please tell me what I can do?

posted on December 9, 2014.

Now I have 1 hour left! Still no response!!! Onbling has been responding to others here but they do not respond to me! Can someone help me? Did I do this complaint wrong?

posted on January 30, 2015.

This complaint has been reopened upon player's request and we would like to give it one last chance for a successful resolution.

posted on January 30, 2015.

They said they stopped paying me because of a "60 day security check" and then after over 100 days they apologized to me in live chat and said I should request cash out again. 2 weeks later I contacted support after not getting my payment and they said it was blocked because of a "60 day security" random check AGAIN! He then said he would look into it and email me back as soon as possible. It has been 4 days and he has not emailed me back yet and I still have no PAYTMENT!!!! They agree I did nothing wrong and they agree they owe me the money but they just do not pay!!! More than 140 days now since they gave me my last cashout of only 1,000 euro. I want all 10,193! Please help with this. I re-opened because I now have chat log to attack and give you from Jan 7 AND Jan 23 after they say they will pay but don't.