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Onbling Casino will not to pay my legit winnings

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Onbling Casino
Reason Verification issues
Amount $ 3000
Posted on June 2, 2015


Onbling Casino usarname:gogi17

I won at Onbling Casino.My documents was successfuly approved ,They sent me an e-mail on 01.12.2014.2014 that I need to wait 60 working days, so I can withdrawal my money after 60 working days because my account is chosen for security check,so is till 20.02.2015..After that day my attempt to withdrawals was not successful so was not approved. I did not get my winnings. Now when I wish to login and request a withdrawal is not possible because my account is locked.Please help me to get my money I won in a fair way.

The point is that other casinos from other casino groups which you are connected and in which I have to withdrawal my winnings informed me that some other casino group informed them that I sent a fake ID and fake Driving Licence and I cant withdrawal my money.So because you are the last casino group remaining from all 3 casino groups which are connected probably this issue comes from your side.If I have no right and this is not true I apologize and kindly ask you to give me the information exactly the name of the casino that I can resolve the issue with them directly.I can tell you that this information is completely wrong.My personal documents are valid and legit..Because the falsification of identity documents is a criminal ofense and casino accused me that I sent fake ID and Driving Licence(also photographed with my photo holding the document in my hand) I went to the government office where I was issued a Certificate of Good Conduct.

To find out exactly what is wrong with my personal documents for which casino thoughts are fake I went also to government unit which issue identity documents.They confirmed that my personal documents are valid and legit.

They mentioned to avoid any problems it is the best to issue a Passport because is the only document which has the same standards worldwide.Probably here comes the problem up they said because you are not using the same standards for documents like EU.

I submited an application in their proposal for my new Passport.The document is issued.

I hope your casino security department will cooperate and will review my account and we can resolve the issue without asking Gaming Commission for help,because for me the case is really clear.I have all my documents legit and valid and I am a honest person.

So I hope your casino will cooperate like a very reputable casino to resolve this issue.I can send to you my new Passport(if you wish also photographed with my photo holding the document in my hand) and Certificate Of Good Conduct..

You should understand that I need to prove that with my documents is nothing wrong and that my name is clear from any wrong doing ASAP.

.I sent to you all required documents.I received your confirmation that my account is approved.

Please cooperate and pay my winnings which I won in a fair way.There are more than 3.000 usd I have in winnings in my Onbling Casino account.

Best regards!

Thank you!

Posted on June 5, 2015


I am waiting for casino to reply.

Thank you!

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