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Onbling casino - Winnings not processed in 5 weeks

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Onbling Casino
Reason Delayed payment
Amount $ 150
Posted on October 30, 2014

After signup a account in onbling casino I had received free chip about 6 weeks ago from now.Well,after met their all play through I won $300 but I could cashout $150 maximum.Then I had deposited $21 and sent my all documents more than 20 times.They asking me same documents better again and again and again from last 5 weeks.Finally I had sent my photo holding ID to them 4 days ago but still now got no reply from them. When they took phone verification then everything was fine.But I dont know what type of casino they are,they afraid to process the winning amount only $150 to player who won after met all playthrough!!!Even from last I week I asked them to send back my deposit where they are afraid to process $150 only!!!but still now I got nothing from them.The support of them are completely amature where they really dont know anything but only deposit codes.FUNNY!!!They are completely joke of online casino.Please help me if you can.If they dont process the winning then I just want my deposit back into my neteller account from them.I like to inform everybody please dont deposit and play into Onbling casino.They are not fair casino...

Posted on October 30, 2014

This complaint has been reopened upon casino's request.

Posted on October 31, 2014

Hello Afroza,
Having checked your account and “documents” you provided us with, we can make a conclusion that your complaint is untenable. Please check our remarks below:
1) Indeed, you’ve been asked to resend your ID. But it was done for a reason: first you sent us only a cropped front of ID, cropped screenshot of it (while both sides are required). You’ve been requested to send the back of it as well. It was requested to be sent without being cropped.
2) We received the back of it, it was not cropped, there was a background, but the quality of the ID picture was way worse than the quality of the same ID’s front, while the background’s quality was good. Moreover, the edges of the ID were not straight, in other words, it was printed out on low quality printer, and sent to us.
3) After that you’ve been requested to resend the ID several more times, but you kept sending either screenshots or just papers, printed out and literally cut by scissors.
4) In order to make sure you actually have that ID, you’ve been requested to send the photo of you holding the ID in your hands. You sent the photo, but the ID you were holding was just cut from the same screenshot you used to send us before and pasted into that photo. This is obvious, and it’s the first thing anyone will notice having a look at that photo.
5) As long as you were not able to provide us with the copy of the ID itself (not the snapshot of it or printed out screenshot), you’ve been requested to send alternative ID – driver license. And again, the driver license we received was just a cropped screenshot, moreover, the photo on that driver license was cut from the photo of you holding the ID sent previously.
Considering all above mentioned, you never managed to provide us with the copy of ID, which is obligatory step of your account verification. Moreover, the fact that you had the ID in digital form only (not to mention the driver license you edited, pasting your photo) means that both IDs could’ve been just found online and that someone else’s identity was used. This kind of behavior is considered to be fraudulent and is not tolerated by any of on-line casinos.
In case you find our conclusions to be not accurate – you’re welcome to send the same photos to AskGamblers for them to judge.
As for your refund request – it was processed back in 2013.
Thank you for your time and best regards,
On Bling Casino

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