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Nostalgia Casino - Account blocked and legitimate winnings rejected

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Nostalgia Casino
Reason Declined payment
Amount $ 200
vespv Bulgaria Message
Posted on June 20, 2015

Hello AG, my complaint is about Nostalgia Casino.
I have made registration at the casino 9 days ago and i've deposited 1$ to receive 20 $ bonus.I played several hours until i had finished the wagering requirements.After being assured that I met all requirements, i have made a withdrawal request for a 450$. i've reversed the withdrawal and i lost more than a half of the money, but i still had a 200$,so, yesterday i had made a withdrawal request for those 200$. Meanwhile, two days ago i had sent my documents for account verification like the casino support ask me to do,and yesterday (before to make a withdrawal) i have received confirmation that my documents are accepted and my account is confirmed.This morning i have received another email that my account is locked and my winnings are confiscated, because i have a multiple accounts at the casino. This of course it's not true,and after several emails to the risk management they can't explain to me exactly what is wrong with my account. They repeat the same thing that i have a multiple accounts,without giving me a proof for that.
The risk management checking my account for two days , and they didn't found nothing wrong
( because there's nothing wrong), but when i have made a withdrawal request suddenly i have a multiple accounts.
P.S. Please excuse my English, but it's not my native language.

Posted on June 15, 2015

Hi player

As Archie from risk management explained, our systems have detected that multiple casino accounts have been created using your PC, email address or personal details. All promotions can only be claimed once per computer, mobile device, person, household, family, household address, email address, credit card number, IP address or shared computer environment such as a library, workplace, fraternity, university or school.

There are multiple accounts using the details you supplied at registration. It was suggested by Archie to speak with the people in your life which you share common details with - for example, your residential address.

Unfortunately the risk management decision is final. If you are not happy with their decision you are welcome to make a complaint to ecogra.


vespv Bulgaria Message
Posted on June 15, 2015

Of course i'm not happy with the risk management decision. When you need to verify a account, we like a players at your casino send you several copies of different types of documents. When you have checked my documents everything about my account was fine, i can't understand how come for a one moment everything is according by the rules and the next moment isn't. Like you looking for a proof of identi­ty,­add­res­s,debit and credit cards and so so...., i need to prove me that i have broken the casino rules. You can't just tell me "i will not pay you and my decision is final"

Posted on June 15, 2015

Hi again

I have read through all of the chat and email transcripts and I believe there is a misunderstanding due to the language barrier.

Support told you that they can see you sent an email to risk management. As they don't have access to the individual emails in that inbox they are unable to see what you have sent and any attachments to your email, so their response was circumstantial. They said that your documents would be sent to risk management for verification and that they will not take too long to verify them - there is no mention at all that the documents are fine. Support does not have the ability to check documentation. Once risk management looked at your documents, this is when they sent you the email explaining that your withdrawal will be confiscated for duplicate accounts.

Again, if you are unhappy with the casino's decision, please feel free to submit a complaint with ecogra.


vespv Bulgaria Message
Posted on June 16, 2015

Hi again,
first email which i have sent to you with my docs, you have told me that was empty email.This is what I received from you, after the first email :

10.06.2015 03:25

Hello Veselka,

Thanks for your email however there was no documents attached.

Please try again for me and I look forward to your reply.

Kind regards,

Risk Management
Casino Rewards

After this email i have sent another one, again with my docs attached. From the risk management confirm that my documents was received. And this is what you have sent to me :

11.06.2015 08:43
Hello Veselka,

Thanks for sending in your ID documents. The good news is that all your documents were successfully verified and we have now been able to proceed with your withdrawal. Providing all wagering requirements have been met, you should be receiving your winnings shortly.

If you have any questions with regard to this, there is always someone in our call centre who is happy to help.

Best regards

I think that everything is clear here, there is no misunderstanding at all.

Posted on June 16, 2015

This email does not appear in the personal correspondence to your account which suggests it is an automated email.

What was the name of the sender please? I.e. who's name was after best regards. This will tell me whether it came from risk management or someone else within the company.

Posted on June 16, 2015

I have managed to find the email and it was automated.

The withdrawal process first goes through our payments department for KYC verification (this is one of our license requirements) and once passed (i.e. all documents have been received and comply with KYC) the account is sent to risk management to check that any wagering requirements have been met as well as all T&Cs have been met.

I agree that the wording in this mailer is somewhat deceiving and I have therefore sent it to our QA department to review the wording.

This does not change the fact that the T&Cs were broken however, so the decision will not be overruled.


vespv Bulgaria Message
Posted on June 16, 2015

Ohh guys, I'm tired arguing with you for a 200$. From payment department was told me that my account is confirmed, from risk management told me opposite thing. You have too many departments which do not communicate with each other.
The most important thing is that you insist that i have broken the T&Cs, and i'm saying that i'm not.
If i have broken the rules,please send me a proof of that and I will accept your decision.
Otherwise, all we do here is just talk,which is mindless and cost as too much energy.
i will expect some kind of proof on my email or here wherever you like.

Posted on June 16, 2015

As I've mentioned, you're welcome to submit your complaint to ecogra if you are not satisfied with the casino's decision.


Posted on June 20, 2015

This complaint is unresolved, because of strict in-house rules of the casino; they can't provide us with evidence regarding this player. We recommend to the player to seek further help with eCogra or appropriate licensing authority

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