Norskespill Casino - Ignore my gambling problem

virpi Finland
posted on July 28, 2015.

Hi,askgamblers. I have self excluded one year in jetbull casino 18/02/­201­5-1­8/0­2/2016. The jetbull casino is belong to Everymatrix LTD. norskespill casino is belong to the same company , the casino did not block my account and has allowed me to make deposits .They are belong to same company and same register number ,i had self exclude in jetbull casino ,so they should block my account in norskespill casino also . So i ask my deposits back. Because they ignore my gambling problem and let me gamble.After 18/02/2015 i made self-excluded in jetbull casino ,i have made 300 euros deposits in norskespill casino.

posted on August 3, 2015.

Dear @virpi,

Any updates regarding your complaint?

Thank you.

virpi Finland
posted on August 3, 2015.

They do not want to refund my deposits...

virpi Finland
posted on August 6, 2015.

The funny thing happened today.
I contacted MGA,and MGA contacted Everymatrix LTD. Everymatrx LTD told to MGA : i was first time self-excluded in Everymatrix LTD is 6th JULY 2015,and after that i just deposited once in everymatrix LTD casinos which was,and they refund that 99.91 euros. and nothing else could be refund.
I believe Everymatrix Is very big company, and has many high reviews casinos, but i really do not understand how they can lie like that, i have been proved first self-excluded was in on 18 FEb 2015,and i have those files about deposit amount and date which casinos sent to me .
I never asked and i do not want that i would get all the deposits refund ,i just want those deposits which i made after i was self-excluded in I think this is reasonable.
I think the Everymatrx LTD should think another way that is it deserve to lost players` trust?
In the same brand casinos . When players are self-excluded ,and won ,they do not get paid,because they are self-excluded,if lost ,not refund. Does this mean fairly play?
I would like suggest players do not play Everymatrix LTD casinos,they are not fair casinos.