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NordicBet Casino - Problems with account verification and withdrawal

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Disputed casino NordicBet Casino
Reason Verification issues
Julesanthony United Kingdom Message
Posted on May 16, 2014

I would like my account verified and also my winnings withdrawn.

NordicBet is making this very difficult

I joined On Thursday and spent 90Euros — about 3 hours into the casino time when I had about 20Euros left, I kept getting lots and lots of error messages. Every time I had to reset the browser and every time I went back to the casino, there was a message for me to verify my account by uploading documents to prove my address, method of payment and ID.

I thought this seemed a bit full on. It's normal to upload documents when it is time to withdraw, but this casino was hassling me all the time when I was playing. Anyway in the end I forget playing until the next morning.

Friday morning I upload copy of my driving licence, copies of my bank card and a letter with my address on from a mobile phone company (an invoice). Within 20 minutes they send me an email saying they would like me to send the bank card again, but block out some numbers. I do this for them. 20 minutes later, they reject the proof of address and tell me to send something else. I send a letter from a credit agency (the same letter I have used for many, many casinos to verify my address). I sent this by email and the reply is that i must send me ID and bank cards again. I tell them to sort out their admin.

Twenty minutes they send an email again — we don't accept this kind of letter. I tell them many casinos have already and I have only one thing more. So I send the car insurance letter and the reply come back within 10 minutes "Your documents have now been sent to our security dept — it takes up to 72 hours". This reply was rec'd about 1pm on Friday.

I have not had another email - but I see that the document has been rejected (I am able to view from within my account).

I have some winnings to withdraw — 250Euros, but I am unable to withdraw as there isn't a place on the website where I can do this. So they have my money, but they are making it difficult with this verification process (and not really communicating).

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