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NordicBet Casino - Accusing me of breaching term #12.1 from their rules without any proof

Complaint Info
Disputed casino NordicBet Casino
Reason Bonus terms violation
Amount kr 10000
Posted on May 20, 2019

I registered an account at Nordicbet two days ago after I won big at their sister casino Betsson (cashout out 3 superbig wins without problem there, all with the bonus they offer). So I used the 100% up to 2000 nok when I made the deposit and started with 4000 nok. Played some slots withing the bonusterms, not higher than 60 nok and no slots that was forbidden according to the T&C, that I read well before paying. I use the same computer, and static IP that I have done before and have only played at five onlinecasinos before. Made the deposit with Skrill and after the wagerprocess was complete I had about 10000 nok, went to the cashier and cashed out 5000 nok. Got a mail saying I had breached thier T&C in 12.1 (after asking some friends they seem to use this on most of the welcome offer signups and simply refuse to pay out legit wins to people). Now I got a mail yesterday saying my winnings have been confiscated due to the breach in 12.1, they don´t say anything else, just that my win is confiscated. Is this how it´s supposed to be when players invest their money at a onlinecasino and win, seems to be no problem for the casinos to just take the money and refer to some paragraph that no one has violated. I heard from 3 friends that had played there last year and this year that they did exactly the same thing to them, they did not write here however or to MGA. I ask Askgamblers to please take a look at this, will be very interesting to hear from Nordicbet.

Posted on May 20, 2019

Hi Gabriel,
We have carefully reviewed you matter and sent you an email at 2:52PM today 20/05 containing additional details and information. Can you please check to see that you received it and if it provides you with the information you needed. If not I can recap it for you here as well.

Kind Regards,
Alex - Customer Service Manager

Posted on May 20, 2019


First of all I play from my house with a static IP, not a dynamic address like cellphones use. No one other than me has ever created an account at Nordicbet to use a bonus and play from this IP, that is for sure. So as I said before you use the same kind of strategy as I heard from my friends, accusing players to register with multiple accounts and confiscating legit wins.
You also write in your mail today that I have not made any losses, all my deposits has been returned to my account and are waiting for me to withdraw. I made two deposits of 2000 nok and have only got one of them back, where is the first one that I had no chance of winning with since you already had made up your mind and pocketing my wins as well?
To all you gamblers that read this, just stay away from this kind of scam, there are plenty of other good onlinecasinos to choose from.

I also attached screenshots to Askgamblers from the mail and my history from Nordicbet to view for all to see.

Let me post the mail Nordicbet sent me today, here in english :

Hello Gabriel.

My name is David and I am Supervisor at NordicBet customer service. I have handled your case.

Hope it goes well that I write in Swedish ( I translated it into english for this publishing).

We always do our utmost to offer the best possible entertainment online in combination with a friendly and professional customer service, and I appreciate that you contacted us with your thoughts.
When you register a game account, you also approve the rules and conditions we have that apply to be able to maintain a fair service.
We assume that you read these rules before you agree to relate to them. After a thorough examination of the game account by our security department,
it was discovered that more than one game account was used to take part of the same bonus offers from the same IP / device. Any winnings received from this type of activity have been withdrawn,
and the deposit has been returned to your gaming account. We want to make it clear that you have not made any losses.
You can now request a withdrawal and once this has been approved your account will be closed permanently.
You can find all our rules and terms in this link , and more specifically, I would like to highlight the following conditions:
12.1 Bonus offers are only available once per person, family, household, address, email address, credit card number, bank account, telephone number, computer / equipment and / or IP address.
20.1 If we suspect you have violated these Rules, we may refuse to open the Account. We can also choose to pause or close the Account.
We can also withhold all money from the Account (including the deposit) and offset any money or damages you owe us to the money in the Account.
I understand if this was not the answer you were hoping for from us, but please be informed that this is our final answer to this question.
Should you wish to take it further for an independent review, you can contact eCOGRA, at the following information:

Ida Website:
✔ Call: +44 20 7887 1480
✔ Complaint Form: http:/­/ec­ogr­a.o­rg/­ata­/di­spute. php
✔ More information: http:/­/ww­w.e­cog­ra.o­rg­/srs/ polici­es_­pro­ced­ure­s.php

NordicBet Customer Service.

Posted on May 23, 2019

So no reply from Nordicbet regarding my first deposit that should also be paid back in full after confiscation my win, as they wrote in the previous mail "You have not made any losses"... Still only 2k on my account. This post will most likely not be solved and they will continue their business as usual. Askgamblers did you get any answer from them?

Posted on May 27, 2019

Hi Gabriel,

We have carefully reviewed your matter and have found that your account has been in clear breach of paragraph 12.1 in our Terms.

While I am unable to post detailed information about how we work with bonus abuse detection for security and privacy reasons I want to stress that we have thousands of players taking part in our offers on a daily basis. The vast majority are able to do so without experiencing any problems. But our bonuses and offers do have rules and terms to ensure that they are being used in a fair manner.

A decision to forfeit the bonus and re-instate the initial stake such as happened here is not something we do on a whim and is not something based on a sole piece of evidence but on multiple factors. Such as for example creating multiple accounts and playing on them from the same IP and computer/device. Or coordinating the use of bonuses and bets across multiple accounts.

If you are unsatisfied with our decision or believe that we have acted incorrectly I recommend that you file a dispute with eCogra who are a widely recognized ADR. If you do we would of course provide them with additional information in order for them to conduct their investigation. And as a responsible operator we would naturally respect and follow their recommendations.

Kind Regards,
Alex - Customer Service Manager

Posted on May 27, 2019

I can only say that no other person than me has registered an account at Nordicbet and used a bonus from this IP or computer, please send the evidence to Askgamblers. And one more thing, if you are so fair in your decision would you not also pay me my first initial deposit of 2000 nok as well then? Since I could not win with that money anyways.

Posted on May 31, 2019

Hi Gabriel,

For privacy reasons and since our investigation contains data related to 3rd parties we are unable share them. Since the use of this bonus was in clear breach of paragraph 12.1 in our terms the winnings accrued from using it has been forfeited and your initial deposit that was used in relation to this bonus has been re-instated on your account. This does however not include your previous deposit as it was not affected by this breach of our terms.

If you disagree with our decision and want to take this further we advise that you file a dispute with eCogra to whom we have provided you the contact details. We will accept and follow any ruling or recommendation that they give us.

Kind Regards,
Alex - Customer Service Manager

Posted on May 31, 2019

Dear NordicBet Casino,

AskGamblers Complaints Team is kindly asking you to provide detailed explanation on the issue along with evidence which will support your accusations towards the player, with quoted terms that have been breached, if any.

Upon AskGamblers Complaints Terms we consider all evidence strictly confidential and won't be publicly displayed or sent to the third party. Please send required information directly to suppor­­[email protected]­a­s­kg­­amb­­le­r­

Thank you in advance.

Posted on June 3, 2019

AskGamblers Complaints Team has just extended the response time frame with another 96 hours hoping that NordicBet Casino management will soon jump in with an update on this complaint.

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