Non payment of approve winnings/ignored emails

shebsolo United States
posted on July 6, 2010.

I won a total of 3650.00-150 bonus.Was told it would take up to 10 days for approval. it took over 15 days for 1500.00 to be approve which i have not recieved. They left my other 2000.00 pending. A week later i decided to take 500 and play. I played blackjack and was not warned i couldn't according to the bonus which i had not remembered. After losing 500, i tried 200 more and won a total of 4700 which included the original 2000. After i won they decided to inform me i shouldn't have played blackjack and took all of my winnings except for 99cents. I requested my original 2000 that should have been given with the 1500. They refuse to pay and i'm still waiting on the 1500 that was approve on 6/7/10. Every week they tell me you will get your 1500 sent at the end of the week, its been 8 weeks. They are not an honest site.

posted on July 9, 2010.

Shebsolo was offered a promotion by email that stipulated 300% no restrictions Keno and Slots Bonus. When she played black jack with the winnings it negated the promotion and the subsequent winnings associated. I have reviewed the account, overturned the deductions and reinstated the account to its original standing. This decision was based on taking into consideration the player was not intentionally miss-using the bonus it was simply a misunderstanding of the terms technically she should have redeemed all the funds first or made a new deposit in order to play our other games.


Marty Davis

Sr. Marketing Manager

Gambling Wages

Email: [email protected]

shebsolo United States
posted on July 9, 2010.

Dear Scuter whomever you are, I want to thank you for supporting me with my complaint and AskGamblers you are a blessing and 100% and more. I would like for you to know Palace of Chance sent me an e-mail and stated they have reinstated all of my winnings to my acct. and will pay 1000+ weekly until paid in full. Im so grateful to this site and I want to thank Palace of Chance for proving they are an honest and trusted site. They resolved my issues and Im grateful. Again, thank you to everyone.