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Staybet Casino - No payment, no response and now blocked

ApeeGrl Sweden
Posted on April 20, 2018.


I am stil waiting for payment after now 36 days. On March 14th I requested a withdrawal for 6,900 SEK. After about 3-4 days I asked support if something was wrong and they told me that it wouldn't be processed and I had to wait until it returned to my account and then request another withdrawal. So I made a request for 6,000 (lost 900) and after about 3-4 days nothing had happened again. I asked the chat and he (David) told me it says it is pending but in reality it does nothing at all. Some bug he said. So again it returned to my account. If I hadn't asked why nothing had happened it would probably still be "pending" (doing nothing at all). However, I had to ask them to cancel in order to make a third withdrawal. After 3 days (and a few mails and chats) the money returned...

I now made three withdrawals, trying some other "tactics" or whatever. They were for 5,000, and 600 (I lost 400). I lasked them the same day to cancel the 600 due to tilt... It returned 2 days later and i lost them. So 5,000 remaining. That one was pending for about 4-5 days before I asked them to cancel it. Again it till several days for the money to return.

I decided to try this "one big-one small" - "tactics" again. So I made requested for the fourth time... Now for 4,000 and 1,000. I didn't have much hope because during all these weeks they claimed they had a lot to do and I had to wait for my turn, they had technichal issues, their partner responsible for withdrawals had problems, they are changing platform and so on. However, they told me every now and then that it would be procesed during the day day and sometimes that it was resolved and I would expect a payment. Nothing happened for 3-4 weeks up to that point, so I was chocked when I saw that the withdrawal for 1,000 no longer was pending. 4 days later it was banked.

What is weird with this, is that the other request for 4,000 (that I made simultanuesly) never was processed. I checked the day after, and nothing was pending. So I thought they finally paid in full. However, the day after that the 4,000 was back as pending status. It has been like that for almost two weeks and the last thing I heard from them was Friday 13th when they told me their IT-group for their backoffice worked on the technical issues.

That same day I noticed they have a new starting page. However, now I can't egen log in. It says "UserN­otF­oun­dEx­cep­tion". Live chat doesn't work almost no games in demo mode works, forget password doesn't work and so on. And no info anywhere. I have mailed every day now any without response. I get the auto mails but they never reply. Is the site down? Bankrupt? Are they simply ignoring me forever now, blocked me from the account? Or is it actual tech problems that will be resolved?

Today it has been 36 days in total. Will I ever get the money?

ApeeGrl Sweden
Posted on April 24, 2018.

Despite mailing them several times the last time I got a reply was 11 days ago. I still can't login and it seems nobody can, also since 11 days back. This weekend I got VIP-mails on Friday and Saturday about the site being launched, but still nothing is working. Support however is nowhere to be seen. Since noone here seem to have gotten any kind of response for a week now, I suspect something is very wrong. I honestly think they grabbed whatever they could and ran. Their behavior is outrageous beyond belief... But hey, proove me wrong and pay out Staybet!

Posted on May 1, 2018.

This complaint has been reopened as per submitter's request and AskGamblers Complaints Team would like to give it one more try and help both parties involved into the dispute reaching to a satisfactory resolution.

ApeeGrl Sweden
Posted on May 4, 2018.

Since the new Staybet site doesn't allow old customers to login for some reason I created a new account with the same alias to be able to ask them to transfer the pending 4,000 to this new account. However, they Still don't answer my emails, and the live support has never been open (I checked about 100 times over two weeks). I don't even know if the mailadress is real anymore. They have two adresses. One that seems to work (but noone replies) and one that doesn't (suport with one"p").

I could easily register a new account with the exact same details as my old one. I could choose the 150% welcomebonus (deposited 100 sek just to see if everything worked). The history and some other things seems to work, so if this really is a new platform and a new start for the casino, why do they ignore me and all the other players that has pending withdrawals? The site is open, we are here and don't go away, and they can't have the chat closed forever.

I want this to be resolved and still hoping for a reply.

ApeeGrl Sweden
Posted on May 7, 2018.

After 55 days I finally got a mail from vip. They re-added the 4,000 to my newly registered account. My documents are uploaded since about a week and I have made a deposit and played it through on this account, so the withdrawals I requested just now should be no problem. Let's see if more problems occur or if they actually will aprove the withdrawals.

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