Planet 7 Casino - No communication, No payment

Laurel Dalrymple United States
posted on September 12, 2016.

When I started playing at Planet 7, the website said this:

Planet 7 Casino prides itself on providing prompt payouts. All withdrawal requests will be reviewed and approved, or denied, within 3 business days of your request. Your payment will be made within 7 business days after approval. We will notify you by email when your withdrawal is requested, approved and sent.

I requested one payout on Aug. 3 and another on Aug. 6. They total about $1600. Both payouts were approved and the casino acknowledged that I had submitted all of the necessary documentation.

On Aug. 16, I had not heard anything so contacted them via live chat to find out the status of my withdrawal requests. The chat agent said they sent my cases to the "escalations" department. I did get an email from Natalie at Planet 7 support basically that the check should have been sent out by now and they would look into it. She only acknowledged one payout request, so I hit reply to ask about the second, and I received an email back: "undeliverable." I never heard from Natalie again.

Because my issue was escalated, live chat has now washed its hands of me, saying that I must speak to the escalations department. The only "explanations" I received from Live Chat were: "There are no updates" and "Sorry for the inconvenience." That does not solve my issue at all.

Escalations/Payout departments don't come in until about 11:30 am in Costa Rica, on business days, so if you want to talk to anyone in the morning, you're out of luck.

Live Chat gave me the email address of Ally in Escalations. I wrote her an email on Sept. 2, and received an automated form back saying she's getting a high volume of emails and she works for several casinos so it will take her 3-5 business days to answer. It also says to make sure your email has a specific subject line and if it doesn't, please resend. Sigh. So I resent it with the proper subject line. It is now Sept. 12. I have yet to hear from Ally.

A payout request on Aug. 3 should have been delivered by Sept. 12. If they are seriously having troubles, then they should not make promises on their website that they can't keep. I notice they've changed the promise on their website, now it says:

Due to the current banking and processing issues affecting the online gambling community, we are unable to give an exact payout date following approval.

It is unacceptable to post a payout policy, not pay people, and then change the payout policy, wording it in a way that is so vague it's practically incomprehensible.

I think this casino should be banned from doing business in the U.S.

Laurel Dalrymple United States
posted on September 15, 2016.

UPDATE: I did get an email from Rebeca today with a tracking number, and then my check arrived also today. The check is from Canada; I had to take it physically to the bank and they have to physically send it to their corporate office so it will still be another two weeks before I see my money.

On the good side, they eventually paid up. On the bad side, what a hassle! They don't seem set up for doing business in the U.S. If that ever changes, I'll go back to them, because the games are fun. But I'll be definitely be watching the reviews here.

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posted on September 15, 2016.

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