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Mr Ringo Casino - Unjustified confiscation of legitimate winnings

Laura Soikkeli Finland
posted on June 22, 2016.

Dear sir/madam, I am writing you in order to help me with MrRingo/Star World Limited, a casino I am trying to have my winnings out of. I have no option but to ask you to investigate this situation. I have also sent this to Malta Gaming Authorities
Shortly: I signed to MrRingo and deposited 150€, got a bonus automaticly, which I tried to have removed for I do not want to play them. I e-mailed them, because no chat was available. Impatient, I decided to play the bonus. I read the rules, in Finnish rules there was no mention - a) that Net Ent game BigBang among some others are not allowed to be played with bonus money b) the maximun sum to be withdrawn after playing with bonus money is 2000 after the wagering is done. Chat-person kindly informed me not to worry, the finnish rules would be updated immediately ( did not help me anymore)... I had many conversations on e-mail and I was told the winnings of BigBang would be deleted, and others would stay in my account. The result is that they deleted all 5110€ from my account. I sent them my required documents and they were approved. I got an e-mail of that. I was told in another e-mail that all winnings would be deleted but as a token of their good will they would return me my 150€ to my account if I wanted to play with No bonuses this time. I was very disapponted, but agreed to do that. I was exceptionally lucky returning to my favourite game, BigBang. I played a long time and I got 5 red planets with 32 x. And made a withdrawal request of 6500€ Soon after that 5 blue planets 32x, and made a withdrawal of 2000€ No bonus money, at all.
And. They will not pay me.
This is outrageous in my opinion. I cannot belive this, can a MGA-licenced casino treat their customers like this? As if the bonus-mess was not enough, this is too much. I have not done anything suspicious or fraud-like except win in a game?
Just playing with 5€ bet, which is not even a big bet. I ask for your help with getting my winnings which I won just by honestly playing a normal game. I know this is not even a big sum of money, but if the basic players cannot trust a legally licensed casino to pay out winnings, who dares to play anymore? I hope you have a voice better heard in MrRingo, me they do not listen to. Thank goodness you exist.

Please answer me, and if you want all the e-mails between MrRingo and me, I can send them to you.

Hoping to hear from you soon, Laura **********

The last e-mail I received is here:
Dear Ms. **********,
It has come to our attention that, in playing the casino, which does include sports betting, that your account has been detected as suspicious, regarding the general terms and conditions of Mr Ringo. As stated in the general terms and conditions, any violation of the general conditions gives us the right to withdraw the bonus, and any winnings, if any, that were obtained by the bonus. Moreover, In our system, it has been detected that your account is suspect due to the following rule taken from (https­://­­rin­go.c­om­/en­/agbs): In this case we have decided to cancel your balance and your account in follows. However in all cases where it may be deemed that a fraudulent act may have been taken place, we investigated that you violated this rule. Please note that your winnings are automatically locked in the system and you are not able to withdraw of that suspicious balance. If you have any questions regarding this, please do not hesitate to contact [email protected] Thank you. Best regards, The Mr Ringo Support Team -- Kevin ********** Customer Support Email: [email protected]

posted on June 26, 2016.

Dear Laura,

Please let us know if there's some update on your issue.