Mr Ringo Casino - Delayed withdrawal

Tiia Piiroinen Finland
posted on August 24, 2016.

I made an account to Mr Ringo on 11.8.2016. At first i won 2900€ and lost some after. I was making a withdrawal request for 1600€ on 17.8.2016. They were asking the documents before. On 17.8.2016 i got the message from them that the sent documents were OK. On their page they say that normally bank withdrawal takes 3-5 banking days. Now its been 5 banking days and im still waiting the money. I was trying to reach them via their site yesterday and today i send them e-mail. I started to worry because they did not answer anything. Then i founded this site. So can you please help me. I was counting for those money.

posted on August 27, 2016.

Hello Tiia,

I am sorry that you have a had a problem. Could you please contact me with your username so that this can be looked in to.

Thank you.

Best regards,
Mr Ringo

Tiia Piiroinen Finland
posted on August 28, 2016.

I was sending following message to Mr Ringo today at 8am and not surprisingly they are not answering.

Hello again!

Im writing you again because you asked me to contact you with my username on Askgamblers site. Its *****. So now you can "check" my "situation" and MAYBE pay me the money you owe me. Thank you! I already know that finance team is taking care about it so i dont need that information again. I just wanna know when its coming to my bank account. 1600€ is the amount and if you want i can send you the screenshots of this procedure.

Withdrawal date: 17.8.2016

Amount: 1600

Screenname: *****

Ms Tiia Piiroinen

They are just playing time with this. If i have been asking the money several times now they should know my screenname, e-mail and everything else they need to. Only message i got from support was:

Dear Mr Piiroinen,

the finance cares about the withdraws and it will be done as soon as possible.

Kindly Regards

Your Mr Ringo Support-Team

So i dont actually care who makes what in your company. I only care about the money which belongs to me. I think Mr Ringo runs under MGA license right?

Tiia Piiroinen Finland
posted on August 30, 2016.


Just received the money 1600€ from Mr Ringo. Ty!

posted on August 30, 2016.

Based on submitter's last post AskGamblers Complaints Team consider this case as Resolved and it is officially closed now.

Thank you all for your cooperation.